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16 min read

9 tips for providing great social media customer service

Today’s customers expect excellent social media customer service from leading brands. Learn how to win buyers’ hearts on their favourite platforms.

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1 min read

11 Steps to a Better Customer Support RFP Document

Industry watchers say that organisations change their customer support tools every five years on average. Whether…

5 min read

6 tips for building a thriving Help Centre

Customers want to help themselves.

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10 min read

Guide to integrating Zendesk and Salesforce

It's easy to integrate Zendesk and Salesforce – and with plenty of flexible options, you can set it up in the way that makes the most sense for your business

15 min read

The business impact of customer service on customer lifetime value

Irritating issues affect customers daily. In every industry, a customer will inevitably contact customer service to…

7 min read

Small and mighty: Empowered support teams lead to CX success for SMBs

"Champion" small businesses deliver on customer service, agent experience and agility

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1 min read

Customer Support Tool Scorecard

Evaluating a new customer support tool can be a daunting task, and finding the right customer…

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