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Knowledge management

Customer self-service: a guide to helping your customers help themselves

What is customer self-service and how can you create an excellent self-service experience? This guide will give you the answers you need.

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11 min read

The 8 best FAQ page examples (and how to make your own)

An FAQ page should be part of your team’s investment in customer self-service. Get inspired to create your own with these FAQ page examples from well known brands.

3 min read

In an uncertain world, knowledge is power

Find out how knowledge-management software can help you keep your customers informed even as the world keeps changing.

Guides and ebooks
1 min read

6 ways to supercharge your knowledge-based help centre

The last three months have seen self-service searches spike across almost all major European countries: Spain,…

9 min read

Knowledge base article templates that work

The key is to find the right mix of knowledge base article templates for your customer-audience

6 min read

Content management v. knowledge management

The real differences between content management and knowledge management – spoiler alert – scaling businesses need both

7 min read

The knowledge management system in practice

A knowledge management system helps people find, contribute to or benefit from a company's institutional knowledge.

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