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Workforce optimisation: The ultimate guide for 2024

Workforce optimisation makes processes more efficient and employees more productive – and gives more flexibility to your bottom line. Learn more about it below.

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2 min read

Community tip: how to set a reminder on a ticket

It’s great to be able to put a ticket on hold but I’m sure you’ve suffered…


Future of fashion: stitching convenience with sustainability

To keep pace with customer expectations, the fashion industry is slowly but surely making its move towards sustainable practices. Read how weaving a focus on CX might just be the key to gaining customer trust.


Christmas is coming. How retailers can be merry this season.

Discover how retailers can deliver a memorable yet affordable shopping experience during this holiday season in a climate where inflation is soaring and consumer confidence is at its lowest.

6 min read

Top ways to drive collaboration between support and development teams

Collaboration between CSAs and developers can be difficult at best – and a blocker at worst – which can have disastrous impacts on customer support success metrics. But there's a better way.

8 min read

How to start a virtual call centre that provides excellent customer service

Learn the best way to set up and manage a remote customer service team.

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1 min read

Insights to Explore: A change management guide

The role your data plays has probably evolved since your business has grown, which means now…

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