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Omnichannel guides

How companies can make the most out of Buy Now Pay Later services

This year, many European customers are eagerly waiting for Black Friday to finally purchase the items…

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6 min read

Agile omnichannel strategies for the post-pandemic era

What already emerged as a trend in the communication between companies and customers in 2020 has…

5 min read

Agile customer service

Being flexible and acting fast — these two traits have become the focus of companies across…

4 min read

How businesses can benefit from omnichannel personalisation

It’s not surprising that most of us switched to online shopping when physical stores shut down…

11 min read

What is omnichannel customer service? Definition, importance and strategy

Take an omnichannel approach to create seamless, reliable customer interactions.

3 min read

Conversations for better customer relationships

Support, sales and marketing benefit from messaging strategies that boost customer satisfaction, retention and engagement

1 min read

Gartner's 5 key emerging technologies and their impact on customer experience

At Zendesk, we create service-first CRM solutions that allow companies around the globe to provide innovative…

3 min read

Expanding omnichannel support with WhatsApp

Customers expect to connect with companies in the channels that are important to them. For many people that channel is WhatsApp.

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