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State of Manufacturing CX 2023

Download the State of Manufacturing CX 2023 report for actionable CX insights built for manufacturers in today’s ultra-competitive environment.

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1 min read

Modernise your B2B CX: how to improve customer satisfaction, internal performance and the bottom line

It’s no surprise that consumers across the world have higher expectations when it comes to customer…

5 min read

Why manufacturers must shift gears from product to CX, powered by AI

Times are changing. According to research, sixty six per cent of manufacturers are planning to launch…


Top trends to watch in Healthcare CX

See how leading healthcare companies are transforming their technology to deliver modern, secure experiences across many different stakeholder groups.

3 min read

From the Customer’s lens: Order to cash - the Issue of integration in manufacturing

Many of the largest manufacturers have grown through acquisition, and this means bringing together so many…

4 min read

The Fourth Industrial Revolution: How automation and AI will impact manufacturing

A digital revolution in manufacturing is underway. For manufacturers that embrace these new technologies, the opportunities are vast.

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