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The role of review management in transforming customer experience management

As businesses continue to evolve and compete in today’s highly digital and connected world, the importance…

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Talk the talk and walk the walk with inbound process

Even in the digital age, inbound call centres play an important role in customer support. For…

3 min read

Spain’s Customer Service Law: an opportunity for growth

Endlessly waiting for a response to customer queries is more than just an inconvenience of modern…

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The role of customer service during an economic downturn

Preparing for change is an always-on job. Focus on where you can see the highest return on your service investments and enable tools and features that save both time and money.

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Are brands ready for us to start shopping in the Metaverse?

Watching your favourite football team play (and hopefully win!) is one of life’s great joys. That’s…


It’s time to get conversational with your customers


Supporting your agents is the key to unlocking business growth

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