Diversity and inclusion

Where we stand

Let’s clear the air. When a business talks about diversity, it can feel forced. At Zendesk, we try to keep it simple. Diversity and inclusion are more than buzzwords, and bigger than the bottom line.

It’s about our people knowing that they’re valued where they work.

Open to all

Employees at Zendesk work hard to build a culture where everyone belongs. Employee Resource Groups play a vital role in creating communities that bring us together and ensure we feel supported at work. We’ll let them speak for themselves—here are their mission statements.

Zendesk by the numbers Our representation today

The reality is our whole industry struggles with representation, including us. This is our starting point to see where there’s room for improvement. We’re strengthening the talent pipeline and beginning to incorporate diversity and inclusion efforts with our Recruiting, Total Rewards, and People Development teams.

Global Company Numbers

% by gender identity
  • Male 63%
  • Female 37%

Global Leadership Numbers

% by gender identity
  • Male 68%
  • Female 32%

Board Demographics

# by gender identity
  • Male 4
  • Female 4

Global Tech Numbers

% by gender identity
  • Male 80%
  • Female 20%


% by age
  • 0 - 29 34%
  • 30 - 39 47%
  • 40 - 49 15%
  • 50 + 4%


  • All workforce data as of March 31, 2018.
  • Leadership includes director level or above.
  • Due to rounding, some figures don’t total 100%.
  • Tech defined as Engineering, Product, and IT.
  • We recognize that our current data is limited in that gender is presented as a binary. We know that gender identity isn't binary and will explore how to better reflect this moving forward.

Unconscious bias

We all have unconscious biases—and people we work with have them, too. At Zendesk, we’re taking steps to navigate and acknowledge them.

To make this happen, we launched learning labs in every office to offer in-person working sessions available to all employees. The sessions provide employees with the education and resources to be more aware of unconscious bias, and learn strategies to mitigate them in the workplace.


Getting a foot through the door is just the first step. To further advance the skills of our employees, several mentoring programs have launched to provide professional development and support career growth.

Everwise provides career mentorship to protégés looking to achieve their professional goals. The program connects employees with external mentors, resources, and peer networks to help them be more productive in every stage of their career.
Navigate is a pilot internal mentorship program launched by and for our Engineering team. Over six months, mentors help mentees gather the necessary resources and guidance to thrive as an engineer.
Women at Zendesk launched an internal three-month mentorship program connecting women at Zendesk. The Women’s Mentorship Programs pairs mentors and mentees together to share their experiences, learn from each other, ask for advice, and inspire development in their career path.
Mosaic hosts a speed mentoring event every quarter to provide employees with the opportunity to expand their professional networks, ask career development questions, and receive advice from people in leadership roles.

Our global impact

Where we work is a big part of how we work — we want to see positive change in our neighborhoods, too. To lend an extra set of hands, we partner up with organizations to help shape, educate, and drive progress beyond Zendesk. Here’s just a few.

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