Women in Leadership

At Zendesk, we care about creating an inclusive environment for all leaders, in particular women leaders, so that we can celebrate achievements, provide networking opportunities and collaboration to help support women in CX and beyond.

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Sarah Green

Vice President of Marketing EMEA at Zendesk

Sarah Green is a seasoned marketing professional with over 30 years of international industry experience, currently serving as the Vice President of Marketing at Zendesk. Her extensive career has seen her work with industry giants such as Cisco, Philips, and ServiceNow, equipping her with a wealth of knowledge and a broad perspective on the global market landscape.

Passionate about authentic leadership, Sarah is deeply invested in the future of work. She strongly believes in the power of potential and dedicates herself to helping others unlock their unique capabilities.

Based out of the UK, she is a mother, stepmother, cat owner, tap dancer and green tea enthusiast.


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Setting goals in 2023 with Olympic Medalist Shannon Miller

How to build your dream career with Elaine Welteroth

Goal setting: cliché or clever? We’re revisiting resolutions for the new year–and making them work for us.

Shannon Miller, one of the most decorated Olympic gymnasts in US history, will discuss how to embrace a gold medal mindset and set intentions that you’ll keep. You’ll leave empowered to make more conscious choices about wellness, boundaries, and work.

A dream career: rooted in fantasy or an attainable reality? As part of our Women’s History Month celebration, we’re bringing in a special guest and one of our favorite multi-hyphenates, Elaine Welteroth, New York Times bestselling author, former editor-in-chief of Teen Vogue, and Project Runway judge.

In this digital event, we’ll explore how to build and elevate a lasting career rooted in your passions and talents.

Leading with impact with Libby Gill

Standing out in a digital world: Keys to thriving as a leader

Exemplary leaders don’t just execute, they inspire. As part of our Women in Leadership series, we will explore the tools and techniques to become a more effective, motivating, and persuasive leader in the face of disruptive change. 

We’ve brought together three incredible leaders: Libby Gill, a leading change management expert, Tina Dobie, Chief Customer Officer at Calendly, and Felicia Jones, Managing Director at Accenture. 

In this Women in Leadership event, we’ll discuss how to lead a remote workforce more intelligently and gain the visibility necessary to get to your next step. 

Executive coach to the Fortune 500, Kelly Decker, will present actionable strategies for effective digital communication; followed by a candid fireside chat with female executives from Shopify, Justworks, and Team4Tech.

Beating burnout ft. Jacinta Jimenez

The end-of-year rush can test the resilience of even the most stalwart leader—but with the right strategies, you can beat Q4 burnout for both you and your team.

In this Women in Leadership event, we hear from the award-winning author of The Burnout Fix, Dr. Jacinta M. Jiménez, as she shares how top leaders stay calm, focused, and steady as their teams enter the busiest season of the year.


Tech for good: How AI is empowering survivors of domestic violence

Why women in leadership communities matter, now more than ever

According to the UN, one out of four women globally, and three out of four children, have experienced domestic violence. What makes the situation more dire is that 60 percent of survivors do not seek help, and 90 percent do not go to the police. Spring ACT, a non-profit organisation that uses  Artificial Intelligence wants to change that.

There are only a handful of women at the helm of major corporations as CEOs. In 2023, we may have cause to raise a small toast of celebration as the number of women CEOs touch the milestone of ten percent for the first time. But, with the glass ceiling firmly in place, women won’t cue the confetti just yet.

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