Zendesk for Developers

Fight for your right to program

Zendesk is open, flexible, and built natively on AWS. You can connect all your data sources, power innovative customer experiences, and build any app or automation you want.

A new challenger has entered the arena

Old-school developer tools are stuck in the past—outdated, inflexible, and counter-intuitive. And that makes building the apps of the future a challenge. No, not the bracing kind of challenge. More like frustrating. Annoying. Daft.

The Zendesk developer platform gives you the freedom to build what you want, how you want it. With nothing to hold you back, we offer you a different kind of challenge: what can you build?

Developer friendly. Literally!

Build faster and smarter

Learning a new programming language or framework that only works for one platform doesn’t make sense. Zendesk has a better idea: build and deploy apps faster with intuitive developer tools and use the open-source libraries you already know.

Don’t limit your options

Don’t glue yourself to rigid platforms with limited APIs that restrict how and where you can build. Access, integrate, and extend your data anywhere with an event-driven platform and robust APIs that let you build anything—inside or outside Zendesk.

Stay on the cutting edge

No one should be limited by old technology, and no one should be forced to use outdated, proprietary languages. Take advantage of the latest and greatest trends and tools to build innovative apps and experiences.

I get it, just show me the details

Build anything you want

Connect your data

Store and manage all your customer data across Profiles, Events, Objects and Conversations in a single platform with Zendesk Sunshine.

Make the Suite even Sweeter

Check out all you can do to extend the Zendesk Suite: Build custom apps for Support and Chat; integrate telephony systems with the Talk CTI Toolkit; and create custom themes with help centre APIs.

Spread the support to reach all your customers

Use the Zendesk Web Widget and mobile SDKs to put help where customers are – on your website, your mobile apps, or even your smart fridge (if you happen to be in the smart fridge business).

Put messaging anywhere

Unify customer conversations and deliver an interactive messaging experience across web, mobile and social channels with Sunshine Conversations.

Never stop streaming

Stream your Zendesk data into key AWS services with Amazon EventBridge, or streamline workflows and build automations in Zendesk with APIs for pretty much everything.

Don’t keep it to yourself

Submit your apps and customised help centre themes to the Zendesk Marketplace for others to use.

Aren't you impressed?

Check out these fancy logos

Logo: Venmo
Logo: Uber
Logo: Slack
Logo: Netflix