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How to provide great Facebook customer service

Scroll to the bottom to download our white paper – ‘Tips for providing great customer service on Facebook’

People from all over the world have distinct interactions via Facebook. They can catch up with family members, share photos with friends and engage with their favourite brands without email or a phone number. Many companies have had to rethink how they handle their Facebook customer service and how it affects customer experience. It’s not enough just to have an account on Facebook and claim it as a tech presence, especially when the account is suddenly a hotbed for users voicing an issue or problem.

Companies can’t skirt around it by only listing a phone number on their account. Facebook audiences don’t usually make phone calls to make themselves heard. It’s now too easy to voice an issue or problem on a page’s timeline or via a direct message. The need for customer service on Facebook can’t be satisfied by encouraging users to call a company’s Facebook customer service number.

Consider this: Forty-seven per cent of those surveyed by Edison Research said that Facebook, of all the social networks, had the greatest impact on their purchase behaviour. A Facebook page plays a big part in that. Forcing users to search for a Facebook customer service number, or any phone number for that matter, doesn’t make a positive impact.

With Facebook being the major tech company that it is, there’s now plenty of research to help agents with the formidable task of providing the best Facebook customer service. We’ve put together a tip sheet that clues you in to Facebook customer support (beyond just providing a phone number). We’ve included suggestions for:

  • How to keep agents from overlooking valid support questions posted on your brand’s timeline (so they don’t have to search constantly for an issue)

  • Using features such as Page Insights, Messenger and other integral features of Facebook customer support

  • Adding a support app or customer feedback tab to your page to optimise your Facebook customer service
  • And more!

Of course, you’ll still want to provide a Facebook customer service number to go beyond the tech presence (sometimes a phone number and a chat with a support rep is the best way to resolve a problem). Go ahead and list the phone number and contact details, but remember – there’s more to use with Facebook customer service. Our tip sheet is a good place to start if you want to provide the best Facebook customer service.

How to provide great Facebook customer service

Facebook customer service