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Shaping the future of service operations with Zendesk’s Workforce engagement management solutions

Discover how Zendesk’s workforce engagement management solutions can help organisations improve their service operations.

Optimising service efficiency: a guide to Zendesk’s workforce engagement solutions

Learn about Zendesk's Workforce Management (WFM) and Quality Assurance (QA) key features and how they can help improve your customer service operations.

The benefits of adopting an AI-powered workforce engagement management solution

Discover how investing in an AI-powered workforce engagement management (WEM) solution can boost your service operations.

Latest stories

Why AI agents mark a massive change in CX

Autonomous AI agents will be the new first point of contact in CX – instantly ready-to-go and capable of resolving the vast majority of customer issues.

3 min read

Top 5 reasons to attend Zendesk Showcase 2024 in London

The future of CX is here, and this is your invitation to think bigger. Here are the top five reasons Zendesk Showcase—coming to London June 20—is the must-attend CX event in the UK this year.

The new era of AI-powered Workforce Engagement Management

Discover the latest releases for Zendesk QA and WFM and how they can elevate your customer service operations.

The customer experience jackpot: how Zendesk is winning big with AI

Learn about the features announced at Relate 2024 to see what Zendesk promises for future customer and employee engagement.

Women in Leadership

At Zendesk, we care about creating an inclusive environment for all leaders, in particular women leaders, so that we can celebrate achievements, provide networking opportunities and collaboration to help support women in CX and beyond.

What’s new in Zendesk Workforce Management (WFM)

Check out the latest integrations and enhancements within the Zendesk platform.

Communicating, collaborating, connecting: what I learnt in my time as a Zendesk Partner

Here’s how to make the most of your partnership with Zendesk.

Introducing the world’s most complete CX solution for the AI era

Zendesk was founded on the belief that CX could be better, bringing a beautifully simple, easy-to-use…

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