It’s a new dawn

Introducing Zendesk Sunshine, the open and flexible CRM platform. Sunshine is built on AWS and lets you seamlessly connect and understand all your customer data—wherever it lives. It’s fast, powerful, and gives you the freedom to build whatever you want.

Break free

When it comes to the customer experience, most companies are stuck in the dark. They still use legacy CRM platforms which are hard to change and only offer a one‑dimensional view of customers.

Zendesk Sunshine represents a whole new approach. Sunshine is a modern CRM platform, built on AWS. It gives you a complete picture of the customer, using any data — from anywhere. It gives you the agility to innovate and the power to scale. Above all, it gives you the freedom to build the best customer experiences.

Flip the switch

Give your business the power to build on great ideas.

For CX leaders

Better customer relationships

Put people—not legacy CRM—at the centre of your business. Sunshine gives you the flexibility to identify, understand, and segment your customers for more personalised experiences.

For CIOs

All your customer data, connected

Take back control of your customer data. Sunshine is an open platform designed to work with all your business applications, so you can capture every customer interaction, no matter where it comes from.

For developers and admins

App creation, at your command

Sunshine gives you the freedom to build modern customer applications your way. Use your favourite tools for complete control, with the flexibility of an open, standards-based platform.

Learn more

Imagine the possibilities

The sky's the limit with Sunshine. Share valuable customer data in every part of your business and build something beyond traditional support.

Assets and devices

Track the history and health of your products, assets or connected devices to get full context about the customer.

Products and orders

See the entire order life cycle, from checkout to delivery, for a more personalised support experience.

Customer interactions

Get the full scope of the customer life cycle with a view of every interaction across the entire customer journey.

Bring everything full circle

Get the full view of your customers and build personalised experiences. Check out all the features that put power in your hands to create something out of this world!

Improve your service with these innovative brands

“Zendesk is a platform that's enabling us to really focus on our customers.”
“In a matter of weeks, we were able to integrate data—like when a customer bought a shirt, the specific shirt they bought, their exact size, and even their birthday, right into Zendesk Support.”
“It's been amazing working with the documentation and the community, who are as excited as I am about building customised things for their agents.”
“With Sunshine, our developers can build apps 3x faster using the technologies they’re already familiar with.”