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Team management

8 behaviours of a cohesive team

A cohesive team is at the core of any successful business. A cohesive team can be…

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15 min read

Building and managing a virtual support team

Virtual teams present different challenges and opportunities from those of an on-site team. Complete trust and…

1 min read

Engaged employees and collaboration: how internal help desks help

Employee expectations are rising in tandem with customer expectations. Your employees expect the same kind of…

4 min read

Mastering change management

See how you can master change management, a structured approach to organising people, processes and technology in order to smoothly implement change within a company

1 min read

Employee experience: How consumer expectations are shaping the workplace

The ubiquity of apps and service across many channels—phone and email, but also chat and platforms like Twitter—has created an expectation among consumers that service be seamless and omnichannel

Guides and ebooks
5 min read

Customer service structure: how to build an effective support team

Structuring your customer service organisation requires rethinking how to best provide support, what people and skills you need and how you plan to organise it.

1 min read

Team up on self-service with Team Publishing

The key to a great self-service experience for your customers is having great content.

1 min read

Three things to keep in mind when recruiting customer service agents

Finding the right customer service agents is a difficult task.

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