This is Zendesk

Zendesk makes better experiences for agents, admins and customers. As employees, we encourage each other to grow and innovate. As a company, we roll up our sleeves to plant roots in the communities we call home.

Our customer service and engagement platform are powerful and flexible, and scale to meet the needs of any business. Even yours.

Life at Zendesk Life at Zendesk Life at Zendesk Life at Zendesk Life at Zendesk Life at Zendesk Life at Zendesk Life at Zendesk

We’re people people

This is our open door policy. Diversity and inclusion.

We’re good neighbours

Where we work is a big part of how we work. Through The Zendesk Neighbour Foundation and our global CSR programme, we invest in our communities.

Life at Zendesk
Life at Zendesk

Let’s get together

Join us at an upcoming event.

145,000 Paid customer accounts

3,000+ Global employees

160 Customer countries and territories

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Life at Zendesk

38,000 Global volunteer hours since 2011


8 leaders on the board

11 people on the management team

Do you
design logos?

We get it. You’re only here for logos. Right here.

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This is a Zen Desk

It’s true that Zendesk was created to bring a sense of calm to the often chaotic world of customer service.

It’s also true that Zendesk was born on a literal desk. Well, actually it was a door. And really, 
it was more of a kitchen table. A lot of beer was spilled on it. Innocence was lost here, direction and purpose found.

The original Zen Desk