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Integrated ticketing system

Do customer service right

A powerfully easy system for tracking, prioritising, and solving customer support tickets

Known as Zendesk Support

The core of customer support

A fully integrated ticketing system is the first step to building a great customer experience. It's a central hub for all your customer questions, requests and concerns. Above all, it gives you a complete picture of each customer, so you can offer the right support.

  • A win for customers

    Easily offer support on any channel, such as email, messaging, social, help centre, voice, bots, and community forums.
  • Easy for agents

    Give agents everything they need to deliver high quality support.

  • Adaptable to your business

    Stay agile with a powerful and flexible solution that can fit your business needs at any stage of growth.

Deliver customer satisfaction

Never lose a request

Whether customers contact you via email, chat, phone, or any web, mobile, or social channel, every submission creates a ticket and enters a queue. Customers get a notification to confirm that your support team has received the request and help is on the way. Meanwhile, robust tools such as routing, CSAT ratings, time tracking, service level agreements and more, ensure your agents won’t miss a beat.

Manage all interactions in one place

A workspace that sparks joy

Increase agent happiness and productivity. Give agents the ability to manage support across multiple channels, and the freedom to collaborate without switching between tabs or browsers.

Run a smooth operation

Integrate in minutes

Our out-of-the-box apps empower admins to integrate with other business systems without requiring any code.

Optimise your operations

Gain visibility into your performance with pre-built dashboards, or drill deeper with customised reports. Identify what customers need and ways to improve efficiency.

Customise your way

Whether your needs are minimal or complex, Zendesk provides the flexibility to build customised integrations and configure workflows.

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“The concept of a shared ticketing system is valuable for every piece of a support organisation. We can pull every piece of Zendesk data into our internal database—furthermore, we can create an extraordinarily vivid picture of the customer journey. Zendesk provides a vast collection of integrations and opportunities for customisation.”

Jeremy Flanagan

Customer Ops Project Lead of Tools at Instacart




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Customer service is hard. Zendesk makes it easier.