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Artificial intelligence

The role of artificial intelligence in enhancing the festive season shopping experience in the UK

It’s no secret that the festive holidays are one of the busiest times for most retailers…

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How AI is making more intelligent CX and service agents

The best jobs don’t just pay us, they bring us satisfaction too. In fact, in a…

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How AI can help businesses hedge against uncertainty

For businesses, resilience isn’t a mantra; it’s a must have. That’s why many are turning to AI – and their CX teams – to help them navigate challenging times.


Unlock personalised service at scale with a unified customer view

Learn how to deliver data-rich personalisation at scale by integrating customer insights, apps and AI in Zendesk.

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Deep learning vs. machine learning: what’s the difference?

Here’s the easiest takeaway for understanding the difference between deep learning and machine learning: all deep learning is machine learning, but not all machine learning is deep learning.

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How AI infused immersive CX can help retailers win the battle for customer loyalty

The money in our wallets doesn’t go as far as it used to. Prices are increasing—the…

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How AI and data analysis can help your business provide the personalised service customers demand

With Zendesk and Amazon Web Services (AWS), businesses can deliver personalised customer experiences at scale with a solution that grows with them and integrates into their existing tech stacks.

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