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CX Trends in Europe 2021 (1): Messaging gets a boost

Zendesk’s 2021 Customer Experience Trends Report looked at data from more than 90,000 companies across 175 countries on the Zendesk platform, including 29,000 businesses in Europe and the UK. In our series 'CX Trends in Europe" we look at the most interesting findings for our audiences in Europe and the UK.

By Michael Schweidler, EMEA Content Marketing Manager

Last updated July 21, 2022

The rise of new behaviours of consumers in Europe and the UK and the increasing popularity of messaging apps since the pandemic have opened the door to optimised, conversation-intensive customer experiences.


Support requests surge over messaging apps:

Whatsapp and AI have seen dramatic growth, followed by Facebook Messenger, Twitter DM and Chat in Europe and the UK.

Fig.1. Maximum growth by channel in Europe and the UK

How have customer preferences regarding messaging changed?

We had a closer look at messaging and asked which communication methods customers prefer to use for customer service issues.

Our research identified notable differences among between the major three countries in Europe:

  • The UK saw similarly strong growth across all three categories, with a notable increase in SMS/text of 41%. In-app messaging remains the most popular channel with 14%.
  • France saw particularly high growth for SMS/text (+87%) and moderate increases for in-app messaging and social messaging.
  • Social messaging in Germany significantly has grown by +16% whereas SMS/text and In-app messaging remained fairly stable at +5% resp. +1%. The adoption of messaging remains in general on a lower level.

Fig. 2. Which communication method do you most prefer to use for customer service issues (Europe and the UK combined)?

… and companies adapt: They are adding new channels embrace messaging

We asked, if you have added a new way for customers to get in touch which channel did your team add?

Fig. 3. If you have added a new way for customers to get in touch which channel did your team add?


To examine these trends in more detail, please read also our global Zendesk’s Customer Experience Trends Report 2021 – Redefining CX for a new era.

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