CX Trends in Europe 2021 (4): In uncertain times, agility is key

Zendesk’s 2021 Customer Experience Trends Report looked at data from more than 90,000 companies across 175 countries on the Zendesk platform, including 29,000 businesses in Europe and the UK. In our series 'CX Trends in Europe" we look at the most interesting findings for our audiences in Europe and the UK.

Published March 30, 2021
Last updated March 30, 2021

Agents and managers agree agility is now more important: Facing unprecedented volatility, teams have looked to build more flexibility into how they serve customers. The ability to quickly adapt to changing customer needs has been cited by customer experience executives as the biggest challenge in 2020 and a top priority for years to come. Working across channels is now the norm, but there are still opportunities related to managing data and leaning on self-service and AI


Fig 4. How have your company’s attitudes about these CX priorities changed (Europe and the UK combined)?


MARCH 2021

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