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CX Trends in Europe 2022 (5): When it comes to adding tech, it’s adapt or get left behind

Zendesk’s 2021 Customer Experience Trends Report looked at data from more than 90,000 companies across 175 countries on the Zendesk platform, including 29,000 businesses in Europe and the UK. In our series 'CX Trends in Europe" we look at the most interesting findings for our audiences in Europe and the UK.

Last updated April 15, 2024

Most companies in Europe and the UK plan to ramp up adoption of digital tech. We asked how the recent COVID-19 crisis has impacted a company’s attitudes toward investment in the following initiatives:

  • In Europe and the UK 46% of companies saying digital adoption has accelerated by 1-3 years, 25% say it’s accelerated by 4-7 years
  • Leaders expect bigger budgets for CX and Internal Help Desks (IHD)
  • Big bets companies are prioritizing are omnichannel service (70% high or increasing investment), tech that’s agile or easily adjusted (67%), improving IT security and collaboration tools (67%).


Fig. 1. How has the recent COVID-19 crisis impacted your company’s attitudes towards investment in the following initiatives (% of surveyed technology decision makers)?


To examine these trends in more detail, please read also our global Zendesk’s Customer Experience Trends Report 2021 – Redefining CX for a new era

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