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AI is becoming more evolved and seamless, but how is it impacting CX in 2023?

Discover how business leaders in 5 key sectors are investing in AI to improve their customer service to match customers' expectations.

By Lilia Krauser, Staff Writer

Last updated February 23, 2024

Today’s customers need organisations to deliver a fast, seamless customer experience (CX) that’s both personalised and intuitive. But meeting these demands with live agents alone is neither cost-effective nor scalable, which is why Zendesk’s latest research finds that businesses across all sectors have been investing in artificial intelligence (AI) and chatbots over the last 12 months.

AI and chatbots are playing a key role in delivering the positive CX that users require, enabling organisations to navigate increased pressure from customer demands. And customers are noticing the difference, with 76 per cent saying they have seen improved CX in the last year. In this article, we look at how AI and chatbots can help organisations and reveal how five key sectors are using AI and chatbot technologies.

Chatbot usage and the power of AI in customer support

Customer attitudes are evolving as AI and chatbot usage increases. Zendesk’s CX Trends 2023 report* shows that 77 per cent of customers find chatbots helpful for simple issues, and 71 per cent of customers agree that AI and chatbots can help provide faster replies.

Across all sectors, companies are seeing the benefits of AI and chatbots. Our survey of business leaders showed that 59 per cent attest to measurable return on investment (ROI) as a result of investment in AI.

Recent developments in AI-led chatbot technology can help customer service agents to sort and prioritise enquiries based on what a customer wants and their current mood. Zendesk’s Intelligent Triage and Smart Assist technologies are good examples of this in action. The tools draw on trillions of customer data points and Zendesk’s industry expertise to create custom models that can identify the intent, language, and sentiment of each customer interaction. The technology ensures that customers can be assessed, prioritised, and directed to the best department to service their query.

How are businesses across five key sectors approaching AI and chatbots in 2023?

Zendesk research highlights how different sectors are using AI and chatbots to enhance CX. Here’s a quick overview of ROI and future plans across five major sectors.

Deploying AI and chatbots enhances the customer experience

As 2023 unfolds, adapting to customer expectations and the difficult economic landscape is front-of-mind for businesses across sectors. Leveraging AI and chatbots enables organisations to deliver the fast, personalised, and efficient service experiences that customers expect and love.

*Zendesk CX Trends 2023: The Rise of Immersive Experiences report. The data in the Zendesk CX Trends 2023 report comes from three sources. Those sources include: one global survey of nearly 3,700 consumers, another global survey of nearly 4,800 business respondents, and Zendesk Benchmark product usage data from more than 99,000 companies.

Download the report here.

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