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You don’t always need call center scripts Article

You don’t always need call center scripts

Customer service reps are less engaged in their work when they use call center scripts that don’t have the flexibility they need to interact with customers

Tiers for fears: Is tiered support for you? Article

Tiers for fears: Is tiered support for you?

If you’re a business with consistently growing customer base and ticket volume, it might be time to consider tiered support


A Zendesk cheat sheet for picking your support solution

Choosing the right support solution for your organisation is no easy task.


The value of self-service

Everyone’s busy these days.


In good company: expand support beyond customer service

Supporting today’s customers requires an “all hands on deck” approach.


Roll out and manage multiple customer service channels

There is a seemingly infinite number of ways to interact with customers these days. Live chat, messaging, SMS—even self-service counts.


Happy customers, happy bottom line

Agile customer service.


A Retailer’s Guide to Getting Omnichannel Customer Service Right

Retail and omnichannel customer service. With consumers shopping in more channels than ever, retailers have been forced to evolve.


11 Steps to a Better Customer Support RFP Document

Industry watchers say that organisations change their customer support tools every five years on average. Whether…