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Customer relationships

How communicating in a simple and concrete manner boosts effectiveness

Ever been on a train and wondered what the announcer is talking about? Whether it’s adding…

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5 min read

How do you calculate your customer retention rate?

Customer loyalty comes by respecting and continuously exceeding customer expectations. According to a study published by…

5 min read

Zendesk Enterprise Chatbot - improve customer relationships

In 1966, Eliza was born. The brainchild of Joseph Weizenbaum and a team of computer scientists…

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Zendesk customer journey map - understand your customers

Customer experience is more important now than ever before. Today, a staggering 80 per cent of…

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Pop-up stores bring the best of both worlds to omnichannel retail

We often associate the summer with the sporting action we’re able to enjoy. Whether it’s the…

Women in Leadership

At Zendesk, we care about creating an inclusive environment for all leaders, in particular women leaders, so that we can celebrate achievements, provide networking opportunities and collaboration to help support women in CX and beyond.

6 min read

Making online reviews work for you: A business’s playbook

When was the last time we visited a new restaurant or brought a product from an…

9 min read

How to build customer trust: 4 things to start doing today

Customer trust is key to driving loyalty and business success. To earn it, companies must understand and respect their customers and provide relevant, personalised experiences.

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