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How to take airline CX out of a holding pattern

Reach new heights with better customer experiences. Get our top tips and expert advice.

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9 min read

5 digital banking customer experience trends to consider for 2024

Banks that consistently optimise the customer experience grow faster. Here are trends and best practices to help guide your CX strategy – and drive customer relationships that last.

6 min read

Making online reviews work for you: A business’s playbook

When was the last time we visited a new restaurant or brought a product from an…

14 min read

8 customer service standards to elevate your business

Customer service is a key differentiator in today’s competitive business landscape. Set customer service standards and regularly refine them to delight your audience and boost brand loyalty.

12 min read

The ultimate guide to customer segmentation for support teams

Customer segmentation isn’t just for marketing and product teams. Here’s how to put segmentation to work for your support team.

6 min read

8 ways to adopt and grow a customer service mindset

How do you ensure that your customer service team understands their role and leads the charge when it comes to driving customer satisfaction and loyalty? The answer: help them adopt a customer service mindset.

6 min read

Dealing with abusive customers: 3 ways to have your team’s back

Learn how to tactfully handle abusive customers and help your team deal with conflict.

5 min read

How to grow your customer support when scaling your business

According to research by Dealroom and Sifted, Europe has 70 unicorns. And the volume of cash…

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