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Client loyalty

How do you calculate your customer retention rate?

Customer loyalty comes by respecting and continuously exceeding customer expectations. According to a study published by…

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How to track and improve your customer loyalty

Businesses need loyal customers. But gaining and maintaining customer loyalty is hard work. Zendesk’s CX Trends…

8 min read

How to craft a customer service philosophy that resonates

Providing exceptional customer service is paramount to building brand loyalty – it’s not enough to have just a great product or service.

13 min read

The 5 communication styles customer service agents need to know

As a customer service agent, having great customer service communication means everything.

7 min read

Customer self-service support: why companies need it and how to do it right

To offer superior support, customer service teams need their systems, tools, processes – and most of all – people to work in harmony.

12 min read

Customer loyalty: why it matters and how to build it

When it comes to customer loyalty, some brands seem to have a complete hold on their customer base.

22 min read

The ultimate guide to creating a customer-centric business

Lots of brands claim they’re customer-centric and always putting their customers first. But is that really true?

6 min read

Why the right customer service voice matters

What is the right customer service voice, and is it really that important?

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