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5 digital banking customer experience trends to consider for 2024

Banks that consistently optimise the customer experience grow faster. Here are trends and best practices to help guide your CX strategy – and drive customer relationships that last.

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5 min read

Give your agents the context they need to solve customer problems

When surveyed, more than half of customer service agents said they usually have to switch between different systems to solve a customer request.

13 min read

The 5 communication styles customer service agents need to know

As a customer service agent, having great customer service communication means everything.

14 min read

How to deal with angry customers: 17 tips, templates, and examples

Not sure what to say to calm down an angry customer? Here’s how to handle an irritated customer and ease tension across channels.

11 min read

16 customer service tips for 2024 and beyond

Customer service tips for customer service Champions.

4 min read

Don't be afraid of change

Without a change management process to ensure success, all kinds of disruptions can occur, slowing down productivity and eating away at resources

2 min read

Chat support models: shared vs dedicated

Offering omnichannel customer service is the core of any organization’s support strategy.

5 min read

Every ticket is a puzzle: One advocate’s drive to solve them

New Zealand native Carl McDowell doesn’t have a personal mantra, but he is quick to note a telling double entendre in his last name: do well.

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