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Customer support management

The secret sauce to any great customer service and support organization is the team that makes it all possible. Check out our lessons, tips, and philosophies to help you engage and equip your agents so they can have better customer conversations.

What is a knowledge base? The essential tool you’re missing

Help customers find their own answers by offering a knowledge base – a virtual library of information about your product or service.

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How to use CRM data to create amazing customer experiences

We’ve all heard the adage: knowledge is power. But in business, data is power and understanding…

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6 easy steps to trial Zendesk Talk

Zendesk believes phone support is a powerful way for companies to help their customers – and,…

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Play nicely in the ticket queue using the Play button or Guided mode

Optimising ticket workflow is top of mind for any customer service manager and becomes even more…

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Top 8 change management models: a comparison guide

8 top change management models and change management definitions

3 min read

Fill knowledge gaps with the Knowledge Capture app

A comprehensive knowledge base is an essential piece of any 21st-century support operation. But implementing it is just the first step – maintenance comes next.

19 min read

What is conversational commerce?

Conversational commerce isn’t just a trend – it’s a new way of connecting with customers.

11 min read

Skills-based routing: definition, process and best practice

Use skills-based routing to streamline ticket handling and ensure customers speak to the agent best equipped to resolve their problems. This increases customer satisfaction and creates a more convenient customer experience (CX).

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