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CX Trends 2024: Unlock the power of intelligent CX

Ten trends every CX leader needs to know in the era of intelligent CX, a seismic shift that will be powered by AI, automation and data analytics.

How IT leaders can eliminate siloed service and deliver enhanced employee experiences

Experts warn of decreased employee satisfaction. Here’s how businesses can take action.

4 min read

The role of artificial intelligence in enhancing the festive season shopping experience in the UK

It’s no secret that the festive holidays are one of the busiest times for most retailers…

4 min read

The end of the survey era (as we know it) is nigh

Long gone are the days when customer service was just a department and customer experience (CX)…

Women in Leadership

At Zendesk, we care about creating an inclusive environment for all leaders, in particular women leaders, so that we can celebrate achievements, provide networking opportunities and collaboration to help support women in CX and beyond.

Protecting customer privacy in a world of personalisation

Learn how CX and security teams can work in tandem to prioritise customer privacy.

11 ways to use AI for a better employee experience

AI can improve the employee experience by enhancing employee skills, eliminating repetitive tasks and more. Our AI for employee experience guide explains how.

Avoid these three generative AI pitfalls – and what to do instead – according to IT leaders

Discover new insights from 1,200 IT leaders about AI, data privacy and CX strategies. IT leaders can stay ahead by avoiding these potential pitfalls.

The IT dilemma: Balancing data privacy and personalisation in customer experience

Trust is at odds with consumer expectations of personalization, according to new research. Here's how IT leaders are making sense of it.

2 min read

Why women in leadership communities matter, now more than ever

When it comes to gender equality, we still have miles to go. The pandemic, which saw…

Report: IT leaders tackle new challenges with security, AI & CX

IT leaders have been responsible for keeping systems up to date and managing security issues. With…

The next big release in Zendesk AI: a leap into the future of customer and employee experience

Generative AI, intelligent workforce tools and employee experience are at the forefront.

7 ways CX leaders can close the AI trust gap with customers

Customers already believe in the power of AI to improve their experiences. Here’s how companies can honour those expectations.

1 min read

Modernise your B2B CX: how to improve customer satisfaction, internal performance and the bottom line

It’s no surprise that consumers across the world have higher expectations when it comes to customer…

5 min read

What are Zendesk tags?

At Zendesk, we’re all about making your life simpler and better. It’s why our software is…

6 min read

Can Zendesk be used as a CRM?

Choosing the right software can be a nightmare. With so many acronyms, options, and features, making…

5 min read

Improve Net Promoter Score with customer service software

The world is more unpredictable than ever before. Responding to constant economic, social, environmental, and political…

7 min read

Customer service reports every business needs

Zendesk’s CX Trends 2023 Report found that 40 per cent of business leaders now view customer…

5 min read

Zendesk triggers: what you need to know

Staying on top of customer service can be tricky—especially when customers are demanding more. For example,…

6 min read

How to use CRM data to create amazing customer experiences

We’ve all heard the adage: knowledge is power. But in business, data is power and understanding…

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