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Customer expectations

Why tech leaders must focus on both the customer and employee experience

Zendesk CIO and SVP of Operations, Colleen Berube, sheds light on how the employee and customer experience are inextricably linked.

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How customer sentiment analysis improves the customer experience

Companies are continually looking for ways to elevate their customer experience. Learn why customer sentiment analysis could be the key.

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Good-enough service isn’t good enough: 3 strategies to remain competitive

The 2022 CX Accelerator report results are in: progress is stalling—even leading customer service organisations are struggling to meet SLAs and baseline customer expectations.


Christmas is coming. How retailers can be merry this season.

Discover how retailers can deliver a memorable yet affordable shopping experience during this holiday season in a climate where inflation is soaring and consumer confidence is at its lowest.


A retailer’s ultimate guide to seamless CX

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8 customer service standards to elevate your business

Customer service is a key differentiator in today’s competitive business landscape. Set customer service standards and regularly refine them to delight your audience and boost brand loyalty.

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The ultimate guide to customer segmentation for support teams

Customer segmentation isn’t just for marketing and product teams. Here’s how to put segmentation to work for your support team.

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How innovative digital strategies are helping luxury brands take high-end service online

We are all living in a time of profound change, but the Covid-19 pandemic has hit…

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