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Unlock personalised service at scale with a unified customer view

See how Zendesk makes personalisation scalable by connecting customer insights with AI.

Last updated September 22, 2023

Great service relies on having a complete view of your customers. That means bringing all your support channels, workflows, customer data and apps into a unified workspace so agents have the context they need for every customer interaction.

But businesses need to take the idea of a single customer view one step further. With automation and intelligence in Zendesk, companies can act on customer data across different channels, systems and teams to deliver personalised interactions on a much larger scale.

In this quick guide, you’ll learn:

  • How a unified view improves service speed and quality

  • How to integrate apps in the way that works best for your team

  • How to increase ROI by connecting customer insights with AI

See how Zendesk gives you a unified view of customer data, apps and business intelligence, so your support agents can quickly and easily ascertain the next best action. With Zendesk AI, you can make personalisation scalable, creating opportunities for efficiency and increasing ROI. Work with out-of-the-box tools or build your own custom apps to create the perfect setup for your team.

Unlock personalised service at scale with a unified customer view

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