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Relate Live: Transform your team, tech, and CX

By Andrew Gori

Last updated September 25, 2017

This October, Zendesk’s global conference, Relate Live, is heading to New York City. In the audience will be over a thousand industry professionals excited to explore the crossroads of trust, humanity, and the customer experience. When the conference comes to a close on October 25th, each attendee will walk away inspired, and also ready—ready and enabled with the right tools—to make an impact back at their organization.

What kind of improvements do you want to make at your company? Maybe zeroing in on employee engagement is your focus. Or perhaps you’d like to improve your customer experience or develop new technology to aid in your customer support efforts. Whatever it is you hope to rework—or dare we say transform?—there’s something for you at Relate Live.

Design meaningful customer experiences

Christine Todorovich, Principal at frog, is no stranger to improving human processes. At frog, she’s responsible for helping companies evolve and modernize their customer experiences. Her specialty? Time. Hyper-realtime, that is. Today, customers expect things to happen instantaneously, on their time, specially designed for them. Customer experience professionals have to put in as much effort designing personalized customer experiences as they do designing killer products. At Relate Live, Todorovich will share strategies on how to incorporate messaging and chat to play into these intricacies and improve overall customer support strategy.

Focus on your employees

“Companies getting it right are obsessively concerned with what’s good for their people,” says Meredith Haberfeld, Founder CEO at ThinkHuman. And Haberfeld is obsessed with spreading this message to company leaders, employees, and everyone in between. She’s coached companies like SoulCycle, Disney, and Spotify through building relationships and improving loyalty with their employees. Her secret? Ditch the term “employee engagement” and embrace something else—emotional commitment. At Relate Live, she’ll teach audience members how to develop their HQ (human intelligence) and thereby build emotional connections with employees (which is what loyalty is really made of).

Technology—to humanize or not?

When it comes to bots, everybody’s got an opinion… and we’re going to hear it all on stage. How can we be more efficient and proactive when communicating with customers, employees, and prospects? Do we infuse AI customer experiences with humanity, or do we build our bots to resemble the likes of R2D2? You’ll hear experts from Facebook, Capital One, and Guru discuss the benefits and draws of designing humanity into CX bots. If you don’t have an opinion already, you’re sure to walk away from this panel with some talking points (and a solid strategy to implement back at home base).

Moral of the story? Whatever you hope to transform, there’s a session for you at Relate Live—and we can’t wait to see you there. In the meantime, check out the full agenda to see what else we have in store.

Transform your team, tech, and CX—register for Relate Live NYC.