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The quantifiable impact of Zendesk AI

Discover how Zendesk AI can help organisations improve their service operations in our latest report, conducted by Nucleus Research.

By Cameron Marsh, Analyst at Nucleus Research

Last updated July 12, 2024

In the rapidly evolving landscape of customer service, leveraging AI can significantly enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. In this report, “The Quantifiable Impact of Zendesk AI” conducted by Nucleus Research, you will find how Zendesk AI:

  • Supports service teams through robust self-service tools that are designed to resolve issues without the need for direct human interaction.

  • Increases efficiency across customer support teams by helping to optimise their resource allocation and minimise the time spent on each enquiry

  • Significantly enhances operational workflows by automating routine and repetitive tasks like manual triaging, routing and escalations.

  • Enhances service teams’ efficiency by automating responses and managing routine enquiries.
    Download the full report to unlock the potential of AI-driven customer service for your organisation.

The quantifiable impact of Zendesk AI