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Improving the customer experience

By Andrew Gori

Last updated May 15, 2017

The customer is the reason we’re all here. So any company looking to provide great service must first and foremost try to look at everything through the customer’s perspective. Because now more than ever, the voice of the customer is loud and public.

There will always be more than one way to do anything, such as providing customers access to important information. Your sales team might have thoughts about how best to do this, product another, and marketing might want it done a completely different way.

But what’s best for the customer? What will provide the customer with the best possible experience?

We wrote a new guide all about the customer experience to help you focus on improving the way customers interact with your business. It’s one thing to talk about being customer centric, but doing so means putting the needs of the customer front and center, even when it’s at the expense of people within the company. Taking this approach might lead to some difficult decisions, but customer service isn’t easy, remember?

Support leaders should always keep this in mind: If you provide a negative experience to a customer, not only will they likely tell their friends and colleagues, they will abandon you for a competitor. This experience is bad for everyone, including departments who might wish you’d do things their way. The good news is that the opposite is also true: provide positive experiences and customers will tell others about and choose you, time after time. When this happens, anyone who advocated against the customer centric approach will quickly forget they’d ever argued against it.

Learn how to build processes and infrastructures that enable you to always put the customer first. Read the guide: Customer Experience