Why good employee experience is the backbone of good customer experience

Delivering great employee experience gives companies a leg up in executing excellent customer experiences too.

Published May 12, 2020
Last modified May 28, 2020

In the rush to invest in tools that provide more insights about the customer journey and help provide a better customer experience, businesses may have overlooked another powerful tool for improving customer experience – the employee experience, also referred to as EX.

This guide will:

  • Define what makes up the employee experience
  • Illustrate the role that technology plays in executing excellent employee experiences
  • Describe ways to deploy this technology successfully in the service of EX
  • Showcase companies that have achieved EX success with an internal help-desk solution

Although the 'right' employee experience is unique to each company, these universal best practices can help any company take good care of its workforce and, in turn, help it deliver on the company's promise to its customers.