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Zendesk Support iconSupport

Formerly known as Zendesk

A beautifully simple system for tracking, prioritising, and solving customer support tickets.

Private Ticket creation

Customers don’t need to know about every action you’re taking on their behalf. With Private Tickets, agents can share tickets with the history hidden, or never share the ticket at all.

“Support’s Private Tickets feature has really improved our support process. Being able to create tickets silently lets us follow up and solve issues without ever having to email or disturb the customer. Customers are often delighted that we seem to anticipate their needs."

– Dan Ross, Support Operations Manager, Lightspeed HQ

Rich content macros

Compose and edit macros with the same features as your Rich Text (WYSIWYG) editor.

When creating comments within a macro, the Rich Text editor is available--offering bold, italic, bullet, hyperlink and a number of other formatting options. And to add even more context to your comments, you can attach, drag-and-drop, and resize attachments within the macro.

This feature requires the Rich Text editor to be enabled. Learn more about the editor and how to enable Rich Content here.

More control over Google Play Reviews

We’ve made a few changes to our Google Play integration. It's now possible to detect a review’s language, so you can escalate the review to an agent who supports that language. There's also more control over which reviews are escalated—such as reviews with a particular star rating or length.

Learn more about the updates to Google Play Reviews.

"As an app, reviews are a main forum for customer feedback, and it’s important that we’re engaged and listening. With Zendesk’s Google Play integration, app reviews become conversations and opportunities to create awesome experiences for our customers".

– Jack Randall from Robinhood

Sign in with Microsoft Office 365

If your company uses Microsoft log-in to identify and authenticate employees, your users will no longer need to have a password on Zendesk Support. And enabling Microsoft log-in for customers will reduce barriers to user registration.

Learn more about logging in with Microsoft.

A new dashboard for Zendesk API

We've redesigned the Zendesk API administration experience so it's modern, transparent and secure. With the new Activity section, you have insight into your Zendesk Core API usage.

Learn more about changes to the API administration.

Zendesk Support’s macros are incredibly easy to use and customise. We know how well they’re working whenever a customer writes back to us and says, ‘It’s so nice to deal with a human rather than a robot!"

– Joe Harrow, Director of Customer Service at Groupon

Zendesk Help Center iconHelp Center

A self-service destination with articles, interactive forums and community that helps customers help themselves.

Automatic Answers serves relevant content to customers

Automatic Answers interprets the content in tickets and suggests relevant Help Centre articles. And with the sweet power of machine learning, it gets smarter every time it’s used.

Learn more and sign up for the Automatic Answers open beta.

“At Plex, we’re excited to explore how we can use Automatic Answers to smartly serve our customers and improve their overall experience."

– Scott Olechowski, Chief Product Officer at Plex

Allow anonymous votes on articles

Improve your content over time by collecting more end-user feedback about the relevance of your articles. With anonymous voting, users don’t have to log in to vote, so you can get more votes, quicker.

Learn more about anonymous voting.

Avoid spam with new moderation features

We’ve added three new moderation features to Help Centre. First, you can receive notifications when content is contributed by new users. Using our new Moderate Words tool, you can filter and approve content before it’s published. Finally, you can now manage your spam folder and review messages with spam workflow improvements.

Learn more about our moderation features.

“I love being able to stop potential problem posts before they ever hit the Community. The new Moderation features give me more control over my content, and help to cut down on the noise for our users."

– Jessie Schutz, Zendesk Community Manager

Restore deleted Help Centre articles

Articles are investments. With the new Restore Help Centre content feature, you can ensure you don't accidentally lose your content. All articles are archived and easily retrieved and restored, so you have full control.

Learn more about the new undelete option.

“I now see the articles I'd accidentally deleted in our 'Archived' list. Saved! This feature is very much appreciated."

– Jim Berger from Treker

Offer more Help Centre articles in the web widget

When searching for the perfect answer to a question, three results may not be enough. End users can now see up to nine results when they search using the Web Widget—so they can find exactly what they’re looking for.

Learn about viewing more articles in the Web Widget.

“When students enter the subject line for a ticket, they’re getting search suggestions and finding the answer they need on our Help Centre before they even send an email. Being able to provide that self-service to people is a lot faster for them."

– Brendon Walker, Manager, Online Engagement Services, Tafe NSW

Zendesk Chat iconChat

Formerly known as Zopim

Live chat software that provides a fast and responsive way to connect with customers in the moment.

Customise your chat widget with the Web SDK

The Web SDK lets you change every aspect of the Zendesk Chat widget. Try docking your widget to the side of your website, or adding your own logos and branding to make your widget match up.

Learn more about the Web SDK.

Learn how FoodPanda achieved a 90% positive satisfaction rate using Chat.

Zendesk Talk iconTalk

Formerly known as Voice

Call centre software built into Support for more personal and productive phone support conversations.

Support customers over SMS with Text

Skip the small talk. With Text, a new feature of Talk, agents can respond to inbound texts, automate text alerts, or send proactive messages, all from the Zendesk Support ticketing system.

Learn more about Text.

"Text is an absolutely indispensable part of our support strategy. And with the Zendesk family of products, we have all our support channels, including email, phone and text, in one place.

– Evan Aldrich, Head of Customer Support at Favor

Check out our webinar featuring Favor to learn more about how they are using Text to improve their customer experiences

Zendesk Message iconMessage

Customer messaging software to manage on-going conversations with customers through their favourite messaging app.

Add Twitter Direct Messages (DMs) as a channel

You can now use Zendesk Message to respond to customers over Twitter Direct Message. And with Quick Replies and Welcome Greetings, you can offer better support through a combination of simple automation and hands-on service.

Automatically reroute complex questions from bots to agents

If a query becomes too complex for your chatbot to handle, trigger a “hand off” to an agent. This bot-to-human system frees your agents to focus on and solve the toughest customer problems and offer actionable support.

"With Zendesk Message and the use of a chatbot, we are able to escalate high priority conversations to our agents. This ensures that our support team can handle the more complex queries, leaving customers happier."

– Hernán Giraldo, VP of Customer Experience at Bark & Co

Zendesk Explore iconExplore

Introducing a new analytics product to measure and understand the entire customer experience.

Want more control over customer insights? Explore Explore.

Zendesk Connect iconConnect

Make the right connections.

Connect is customer intelligence software built for targeted campaigns and proactive engagement.