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Make it right

A beautifully simple system for tracking, prioritising, and solving customer support tickets.

Contact options for the Web Widget

When more than two contact options are available in the Web Widget, you can now give customers the option to choose their preferred channel. For instance, if both live chat and sending a message are available, a customer can choose between either option. Using the Web Widget API, you can also control when the different contact options appear.

Learn more about Contact Options in the Web Widget.

Pathfinder app with mobile activity

Pathfinder gives your agents visibility into the customer journey before and after a ticket has been submitted. With this update, Pathfinder now includes the articles a customer has read and the searches they have made when looking for support in a mobile app using the Support SDK.

Learn more about the latest Support SDK with Pathfinder support.

Zendesk kit on Fabric

It’s now even easier to embed in-app support in your mobile app with the Zendesk kit available on Fabric, the popular app development platform. With the Zendesk kit, you can embed Zendesk functionality—like a searchable knowledge base and messaging—natively in your app. Empower your customers to find the answers to their questions without having to leave your app, and get the context you need to provide meaningful first replies.

Learn more about the Zendesk kit on Fabric.

iOS and Android mobile apps

We continue to improve our recently redesigned Support mobile apps, built for iOS and Android. In this v1.3 update, we’ve improved the experience of associating Incident and Problem tickets, made views more configurable, and more to make agents more productive on the go.

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The evolution of Help Centre

A smart knowledge base for better self-service and empowered agents

Answer Bot

Answer Bot works alongside your support team to respond to customer questions instantly. It uses machine learning to pull content from your Guide knowledge base and provide tailored answers to your customers—accurately and reliably every time. And Answer Bot loops in your support agents when the customer needs a human touch.

Learn more about Answer Bot.

User Segments

New User Segments in Guide make it easier to manage restrictions on who can view what content in your help centre, knowledge base or community. Now you have one settings page where you can create and edit custom segments of agents or end users based on Tags, Groups or Organisations. Then you can easily restrict access to content in any Section or Topic to one of your pre-defined segments.

Learn more about User Segments.

Drag & drop images

Now it’s even easier to create content masterpieces in your help centre. We've introduced drag-and-drop from your local file system into Guide’s article editor. When you drop an image into the editor, the image is uploaded and inserted in-line.

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“We never want to stop a customer from contacting us, but we know they want faster responses. Answer Bot helps us answer their questions in less than 12 minutes.”

– Dollar Shave Club

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Strike up a conversation

Live chat software that provides a fast and responsive way to connect with customers in real time

Skills-Based Routing

Automatically pair customers with the agent who is most skilled to handle their request, to increase customer satisfaction and reduce response times. A “skill” is a capability you assign to your agents, including language, product category, customer type or region.

Learn more about Skills-based routing

Roles and Permissions

Zendesk Chat has three default roles: Agent, Admin and Owner. These roles are sufficient for most teams, but organisations with large teams may have complex structures and need to be able to distribute tasks across a variety of members. Managers can use Roles and Permissions to create new roles for their agents and control what they have access to in Zendesk Chat.

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“Chat makes it easy to have a highly curated experience on a small scale, but in larger instances, features like automated routing and customised roles and permissions help us to mitigate risk and scale in a more strategic way. We can give access to parts of Chat to ensure that the agent experience is seamless and not distracted by features outside the necessary workflow.”

Michael Mizrahi, Community Operations at Uber

Public and Private Apps

As an agent serves multiple chats, it becomes time consuming to have to switch between different tools. Chat Apps lets you connect your favourite business tools and bring customer context and information into Chat.

Learn more about Public and Private Apps

Conversion Tracking

Create business goals to measure the positive impact of Chat on your objectives—for example, getting customers to make a purchase or sign up for a newsletter. Use this data to optimise your website conversion funnel and reward high performing agents.

Learn about Conversion Tracking


For businesses wishing to extend their Chat expertise to new channels, Zendesk Message funnels inbound conversations from popular messaging apps—such as Facebook Messenger, Twitter Direct Messages and LINE—into a central location for agents to manage at scale.

Available only as a feature extension to Zendesk Chat, Message brings the latest messaging innovations, such as shopping menus, one-touch replies and chatbots right to your customers.

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Grow sales and conversions with Zendesk Chat

Join Kai Sugunnasil, Sales Team Lead at Happy Socks, an eCommerce company based in Stockholm, to learn how live chat can bring the benefits of a physical retail experience to the web:

  • Using proactive triggers to increase sales
  • Measuring the ROI of chat with conversion tracking
  • Importance of chat in ecommerce

Watch the webinar on growing sales and conversions with Zendesk Chat

Zendesk Talk iconTalk

Talk it out

Call centre solution embedded in the Zendesk ticketing system

Priority Numbers

Provide differentiated service to your VIP customers and prioritise urgent or emergency calls. Assigns specific phone numbers in your Talk account as “priority”. Any incoming calls to those numbers will be moved to the head of the call queue.

Learn more about priority numbers.

Outbound Caller Display

Select the phone number your customers see when you place outbound calls to them. When you use a local or toll-free number, customers are more likely to answer calls, and it’s easier or less expensive for them to call back.

Learn more about outbound caller ID.

Outbound and Zendesk Connect are joining forces

Outbound enables businesses to automate and deliver relevant messages across web, email and mobile channels, and to better measure their effectiveness. Outbound and Zendesk Connect are working together to improve the quality of customer interactions.

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