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We’re back again with new features and updates to our family of products. There’s something fresh for everyone (even training) so no one misses the fun. See how your agents, developers and admins can work in smarter ways so your business can keep building the best customer experiences.

Zendesk Sunshine iconSunshine

Dark days are over

Our open, flexible CRM platform lets you connect and understand all your customer data.


Connect customer profiles with information from internal and third-party apps. Now developers can specify Profile metadata and get a set of new API endpoints to attach and detach Profiles from Support users.

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Capture every customer interaction across your web and mobile apps—like a customer’s shopping basket or web activity. Now admins can define and manage Event types (metadata) with a point-and-click interface and track the IP of an event source to easily locate customers or agents in the field.

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Customised objects

Store and connect new data sources, from purchase history to asset management. Now developers will be able to track change events on Custom Objects as a part of a new EAP, along with the ability to specify external IDs to easily keep external data sources in sync.

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Zendesk Support iconSupport

Make it right

A beautifully simple system for tracking, prioritising, and solving customer support tickets.

Zendesk Agent Workspace

Agents in the Support user interface can now respond to chats as either email or chat messages with ease. This allows agents (regardless of their assigned channel or queue) to work efficiently across all communication channels to solve an issue.

Slack & Side Conversations

Empower agents to start a side conversation in Slack. Put every interaction and conversation within Support all in one place, reducing the need to juggle between multiple collaboration tools.

Learn more about Slack + Side Conversations.

Email CCs and Followers

Email CCs allows you to include agents, administrators and external users on ticket notifications. This feature behaves like a conventional email cc’ing functionality. The new Followers functionality allows internal users to monitor a ticket without notifying end users.

Learn more about Email CCs and followers.

Conditional Ticket Fields

Previously, with conditional ticket fields, customers had to download the Conditional Fields App, integrate it into Support, and complete three different steps. Now conditional ticket fields is built natively into Support, so you don’t have to put in any extra effort. There’s now a public API, and endpoints like Web Widget and the Support Mobile App are also now supported.

Learn more about Conditional Ticket Fields.

Side Conversations API

With the Side Conversations API, you’ll be able to programmatically initiate and reply to side conversations. This can be used with triggers to notify a team with the information they need to resolve a ticket. An incremental API will also be available, which will allow teams to export side conversations data and analyse performance in data visualisation tools.

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Zendesk Guide iconGuide

Use your know-how

A smart knowledge base for better self-service and empowered agents.

Content Cues

Content Cues provides signals that help content managers prioritise the maintenance and improvement of their knowledge base. Content Cues ensures content creators are making the biggest impact on your customers’ self-service experience.

Learn more about Content Cues.

Answer Bot for Web Widget

With Answer Bot on Web Widget, users can easily get the help they need and solve their requests within an easy-to-use interface. With 24/7 support and faster resolution without an agent’s help—support teams see a reduction of repetitive one-touch requests—and spend more time on questions that truly need their attention.

Learn more about Answer Bot for Web Widget.

Answer Bot for Slack

Answer Bot for Slack allows internal teams to get AI-powered recommendations directly in Slack channels. By surfacing help centre content, Answer Bot for Slack provides prompt and relevant knowledge to teams and improves their productivity. Users can resolve their issues direct from Slack—by closing out a question, getting more suggestions, getting help from other channel members, or creating a support ticket in Zendesk.

Learn more about Answer Bot for Slack.

Communities: @mentions

Tag people in conversations through an “at” mention with Zendesk Communities—driving more one-on-one conversations, user engagement and continuity. Tagging isn’t limited to existing community members, and anyone can be tagged through their email address. This promotes organic growth of the community.

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Communities: Aliases

Zendesk Communities is now supporting user aliases. Aliases make communities personal while ensuring the anonymity of members. This solves a major concern about being able to create content in an online community that is not tied to your full name.

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Zendesk Chat iconChat

Strike up a conversation

Live chat software that provides a fast and responsive way to connect with customers in real time.

Web Widget Integrated Chat Experience

Customers can easily navigate between Zendesk Chat and Help Centre in the Web Widget—and receive incoming or proactive Chat messages while searching and viewing help centre articles.

Learn more about Web widget integrated Chat experience.

Zendesk Agent Workspace

Agents in the Support user interface can now respond to chats as either email or chat messages with ease. This allows agents (regardless of their assigned channel or queue) to work efficiently across all communication channels to solve an issue.

Mobile App: Actions for Chat History

Increase agent and admin productivity through the Zendesk Chat app with the ability to take actions like emailing and deleting their Chat history.

Chat Analytics: Current Day Data

Get more granular with Chat Analytics, now with intraday agent and chat data.

Learn more about Chat Analytics: Current Day Data.

Web SDK Performance Improvements

Build a customised chat widget that’s unique to your website with the Web SDK. The latest version (v1.8.1) provides the ability to scale visitors up in better ways.

Learn more about Web SDK Performance Improvements.

Zendesk Talk iconTalk

Talk it out

Call centre solution for more personal, productive phone support conversations.

Call blocking

Call blocking allows you to “blacklist” specific numbers or patterns of numbers to prevent calls from unwanted callers and save agent time.

Conference calling

Conference calling allows agents to bring a third party into an ongoing phone call with a customer. Previously, an agent only had the option to transfer a call, but now they can consult with a third party and choose to either transfer or add them to the ongoing call.

Max Queue Wait Time

Extend the amount of time a call is allowed to wait in the queue before it’s pushed to voicemail or an overflow number with Max Queue Wait Time. The default time is 20 minutes, but it can be increased to 60 minutes in increments of five. This feature will be available on the Talk Enterprise plan.

Call offering time limit

This feature allows admins to configure the time in which a call is offered to an agent. If the agent does not answer within the time specified, the call is pulled back to the agent queue. This feature will be available on the Talk Enterprise plan.

Zendesk Explore iconExplore

Dig In

Analytics that help businesses measure and improve the entire customer experience.

Scalability and availability improvements

A new data infrastructure will make it possible for Explore to scale for customers with larger ticket volumes.

Updates to default data schemas

We are updating the default datasets in a couple of ways. We will be releasing a range of new metrics and attributes that are available through the default datasets, and we will be making adjustments to the way that metrics and attributes are grouped.

Backlog dataset available on Explore Pro

The Tickets Backlog dataset is now available to all Explore plans on Support Professional and above.

Customised field value labelling

Custom Field Values will soon be labelled with the name of the field instead of the associated tags. This means dashboard viewers will be able to understand the contents of a chart or dashboard better.

Learn more about Customised field value labelling.

Data displayed in user time zone

Data in the chart builder was previously displayed in UTC, while dashboards were in the user time zone. This update ensures that the chart builder and dashboards are in the same time zone. And time zones will be consistent when drilling through data, exporting data, and receiving scheduled dashboards.

Learn more about Data displayed in user time zone.

Create query from dashboard

Create new charts directly from the dashboard builder. This makes it easier to add queries while in the process of creating a dashboard, all without switching context.

Learn more about Create query from dashboard.

Explore, II training

Build a stronger foundation in Explore by learning best practices for configuring Explore to meet your business needs with the Explore II training (available in three formats).

Learn more about Explore II training.

Explore Self-Starter training package

Learn everything from the basics to best practices for configuring Explore to your needs. This training bundle includes two on-demand courses: Explore I and Explore II.

Learn more about Explore Self-Starter.

Insights to Explore module update in Explore I training

Explore I training is updated with a module getting Insights users up to speed on Explore by learning Explore terminology and how it can meet their needs.

Learn more about Explore I training.

Zendesk Connect iconConnect

Be ahead of the game

Manage proactive customer communication across channels.

SMS conversations

Connect SMS campaigns now work with Support and Talk to route customer responses direct into a Support ticket for agent follow-up. Valuable for retail, delivery and on-demand companies—start conversations in real time as a customer’s order progresses.

In-app messaging as a channel

Connect is adding in-app messages—for both iOS and Android—as a new campaigns channel.

Updated campaign dashboard with search

There are huge improvements to the Connect dashboard UI that allow for search, filtering and tags—so it’s easier to manage campaigns for our customers.

Instant audience estimates for broadcast campaigns

With this update, you can see right away how many people will receive broadcast campaigns. Rather than having to do a campaign dry-run to get an accurate audience count, now you get an audience estimate instantly when creating your broadcast campaign.

Developer Tools

Build it your way

Tools and services to embed, integrate, and extend the functionality of Zendesk.

Atlassian Statuspage integration

Zendesk built an integration between Statuspage and Support, Chat and Guide to display the current status from Statuspage. The Support and Chat aspects are in an EAP; the Guide functionality is coming soon. This allows Support teams to deflect tickets, communicate current status and updates, so you can build trust with customers during incidents and downtime.

Learn more about Atlassian Statuspage integration.

Web Widget

Embed an omnichannel support experience direct into your website. This quarter, customers will get an integrated chat experience in the widget, along with support for conditional ticket fields, cookie disabling for GDPR, and rate limiting on forms for spam prevention.

Learn more about the Web Widget.

Mobile SDK

Integrate omnichannel support natively into your mobile apps. This quarter, customers will get a unified messaging interface so end users can seamlessly switch between Chat and Answer Bot for a conversational experience across channels.

Learn more about the Mobile SDK.

Marketplace Apps

The Zendesk Marketplace is providing tiered paid versions of apps, giving customers the freedom to choose their price and feature set.

Learn more about Marketplace Apps.

Built by Zendesk Apps

Get up and running with out-of-the-box apps that seamlessly plug into Zendesk. Check out our newest apps on the Marketplace.

Learn more about Built by Zendesk apps.

Zendesk Sell iconSell

Make a big deal of it

Sales software to enhance productivity, processes, and pipeline visibility for sales teams.

Customisable Sales Performance Dashboards

Your sales dashboard is now fully customisable. The new performance dashboards give users freedom and flexibility when it comes to analysing the metrics they care about. Easily build a comprehensible summary that captures everything going on in your pipeline, items that need your attention, and noteworthy trends unique to your business.

Learn more about Customisable Sales Performance Dashboards.

Lead Acceleration Programme

Zendesk Sell now offers a lead acceleration programme to bring your sales and marketing efforts together. This programme introduces new marketing partnerships, special integration and solution offerings, and a high-impact playbook so teams can leverage their marketing automation systems with Sell in better ways.

Learn more about Lead Acceleration Programme.