Zendesk Duet: break down the silos between sales and support

Zendesk Duet: break down the silos between sales and support

June 19, 2019
Zendesk Duet: break down the silos between sales and support

Sales and support teams are not meant to be in silos—both have too much important information on the customer to keep them apart. Sales teams provide crucial context for who their customers are and what they want, and support has critical insights into how expectations are being met.

It’s a growing need for businesses which want to deliver the best customer experience possible. A recent Zendesk survey found that 86 per cent of small and mid-sized businesses rank the sharing of customer data between sales and support as “very important” when evaluating software to purchase. In addition, 79 per cent said their sales and support teams use each others’ tools to learn more about their customers.

The big issue is that many sales and support teams aren’t enabled to exchange information with each other in a seamless way. They are stuck in rigid systems that keep them siloed and locked in a workflow that eventually leads to further disconnection. These businesses need tools which allow flexible growth and a clear view of their customers’ experiences—or, better still, a single solution that can provide those benefits.

Sell + Support = Zendesk Duet

That’s the idea behind Zendesk Duet, which brings Sell’s sales automation and Support’s ticketing capabilities together into a single package. Designed specially to provide a holistic view of customers for both support agents and sales reps, each team can easily access the other’s tools to tie customer conversations together and gain a fuller insight into the entire customer journey.

Duet is essentially a “super-seat” that gives users access to both Sell and Support, enabling them to take advantage of the data flow between them. That means Duet seats can be allocated to fit a business’s needs—the size of a sales or customer support team can be adjusted as necessary. It’s a game-changer for businesses that need flexibility during critical periods of growth, especially when they are resource-constrained and need their employees to serve multiple roles.

No matter where the seats are, each team is enabled to share data. Should a sales rep wish to deliver a more informed pitch and turn a conversation into a conversion, they can look into a ticket to understand prior support interactions. If customer service wants to deliver more personalised support, they can view the details of the sales process and gain more context.

Keep the conversations going

The value of keeping everything on a single platform is a key component of Duet, an ideal that’s shared throughout Zendesk products. Both agents and sales reps can know their customers from pre-sales to post-sales, and all via a seamless end-to-end experience. Sales and support software does not have to be a barrier to a business’s growth—your team can start benefiting from its flexibility and collaborative capabilities right away.

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