Better things are in store—join us for Relate Live

By Andrew Gori

Published September 12, 2017
Last updated September 12, 2017

Inspiration is a funny thing—it can come from anywhere. In the case of journalist Cameron Conaway, a tree-gazing exercise in a poetry workshop changed the way he approached his job. Forced to look at a tree from varying distances, over and over, he realised that in business we often take a one dimensional view of the customer; we see the customer without really seeing them—up close, from a distance, when they’re unhappy, and when they’re satisfied.

It often happens that these types of insights arrive in the moments we least expect them. Conaway was looking to become a better poet, but the outcome was that he also became a better and more empathic marketer. Plenty of entrepreneurs have acted on similar threads of inspiration and found themselves at the helm of successful businesses. This is why it’s good to follow hunches, indulge in passion projects, and step outside our comfort zones. We might have fun, we might be inspired, and we might improve our habits and get better at our jobs, our hobbies, and our relationships.

And this is where Relate Live can help.

The customer service conference that will make you better at life

Whoa, big promise, we know. But when it comes to customer service, we all want to offer better service and to create customer experiences that are easy—so easy they might even be forgettable. The managers among us probably also want to manage happier, more productive teams.

These are all things we can help with. Zendesk makes software for building better customer relationships, and we can show you how to use our products and solutions in the best way possible for your business. At the same time, technology is only half the battle. We’re also all solving for people problems, and it takes people to do that.

At Relate Live, our sessions and workshops are all about how to be a better person, colleague, employee, leader, friend, and more. This October, digital detoxing expert Martin Talks will help us learn how and when to put our devices down and grow our emotional intelligence. We’ll hear from master storyteller Scott Whitehair, who’ll breakdown the art of listening well (spoiler alert: we’re not the great listeners we each think we are). And brand strategist Rachel Ginsberg will run us through interactive exercises that activate empathy—giving us quick, easy tools to create meaningful connections that we can take home, and to work.

We can help each other be better

There will also be opportunities to learn coaching skills or to pick up some tricks of the trade from innovative brands known for providing great customer experiences. As a champion for embracing change, Jenny Blake will run a workshop on “The Pivot Method”, which promises to change your life—literally. Jenny will show us how we can build on what’s working well in our lives, or on the job, and begin to identify and implement small changes that will lead to larger, more transformative changes down the line. And if your life is pretty great already, then she’ll help you learn how to coach your colleagues and employees on how to enact change in their lives.

We’ll also hear from Zendesk customers like Peloton and Pinterest, Birchbox and Vina, about how they each empower customers to act on their personal aspirations to lead healthier, wealthier, wiser, friendlier, more curious, and enriching lives—and the impact this has on customer loyalty. Moderated by Tara-Nicholle Nelson, author of The Transformational Consumer, this panel discussion will lend insight into a powerful and growing consumer base, whose focus on personal improvement can also lead to better service and better business.

The takeaway? These sessions offer a view into customer service that we haven’t seen before, and we hope they’ll inspire and help you see your customer service, and the customer experience, from a new (and, of course, better) perspective.

Better things are in store—register now and join us in the Big Apple