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Agents need context to give personalised support

By Andrew Gori

Last updated July 19, 2017

Excellent customer service means more than just delivering polite, timely assistance. In order to optimize the customer experience, it’s important to also anticipate customers’ needs and to be ready when those needs eventually arise. By taking this time to prepare ahead, not only is the agent better equipped to address a potential issue, the consumer also feels their unique situation is being properly addressed.

This type of focused attention is especially significant when queries regarding order status, payment details, and similar sales-related issues come up as they can sometimes involve sensitive financial information.

Recently, Zendesk partnered with Zoho Finance Suite for an app integration that allows customer service agents comprehensive access to a customer’s backend information. Here’s a shortlist of the most relevant data to have on hand before helping a customer:

Contact details

This includes information like the customer’s name, billing and shipping addresses, and contact numbers. Making sure this data is accurate is an essential first step. Additionally, it can provide some basic context about the customer’s order.

Details of the sale

Information about the sale itself often yields the bulk of support inquiries, so readily having specifics like the invoice amount, payment due, or shipment due is very useful. Not only is it convenient for the agent, the customer can also benefit. For example, if you notice a customer you are assisting has an upcoming payment, you can proactively remind them in the same communication, thus avoiding multiple follow-ups.

Status details of the transactions

Keeping this information accessible ensures everyone is on the same page concerning the timelines of estimates, invoices, and payments that have been sent and received. As order status-related queries tend to be frequently requested, having accurate and relevant data allows for efficient and informed support.