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Customer success vs. customer experience: what’s the difference?

Customer success vs. customer experience – what differentiates the two? Find out how they’re different and how they work together to improve the customer journey.

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6 min read

Dealing with abusive customers: 3 ways to have your team’s back

Learn how to tactfully handle abusive customers and help your team deal with conflict.

7 min read

What customer first really means

Customer first means business success. Here's how.

5 min read

What does digital trust look like today?

Building customer trust is never just a one-off job. Hear how Charles Schwab leveraged customer data over the past year to provide customers with services they both needed and wanted.

Women in Leadership

At Zendesk, we care about creating an inclusive environment for all leaders, in particular women leaders, so that we can celebrate achievements, provide networking opportunities and collaboration to help support women in CX and beyond.

5 min read

How to grow your customer support when scaling your business

According to research by Dealroom and Sifted, Europe has 70 unicorns. And the volume of cash…

6 min read

Conrad Electronic: How customer care works during a pandemic

Guest blog from Christina Bauroth, Senior Expert Public Relations at Conrad Electronic The impact of COVID-19…

3 min read

Why messaging is set to be the 2020 customer channel for business

Many businesses are settling into a new reality – finding ways to work from home while…

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