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Partnering for progress: exploring Zendesk’s Technical Community

Discover a place where Zendesk Partners from across the world can come together to collaborate, learn and grow.

By Shaun Adler, Global Director of Partner Services

Last updated January 18, 2024

Living in a digital world, our concept of community transcends geography to include the virtual spaces from which we connect, share, learn and grow. Zendesk has held to this same notion of community for many years, as Partners in our ecosystem seek one another’s expertise across industries, technologies and languages.

In years past, the Partner team at Zendesk hosted in-person and online Partner events to discuss product roadmaps and features to help customers find solutions to common pain points.

We’ve evolved the sessions with a digital-first mindset, leading us to unveil our digital Partner Technical Community. Here content is available for everyone, all the time. As Global Director of Partner Services, I’m thrilled to share a little bit more about this exciting addition to the Zendesk Partner ecosystem and the positive impact it will have on CX teams all over the globe.

Let’s dive into what it’s all about and what you, as Partners, can do on the platform.

What is the Zendesk Partner Technical Community?

The Partner Technical Community is a private online forum designed exclusively for our Zendesk Partners. It’s a space where Partners have access to a plethora of Partner resources and collaborative support. It’s your one-stop platform to enhance your Zendesk aptitude via collaboration, knowledge-sharing and supporting other users.

What you can expect from the Community

The Community is designed to facilitate collaboration between Partners. You can start discussions, ask questions, share knowledge and expertise with other Partners, and provide complementary skills where needed. You can also browse existing discussions and participate in ongoing conversations.

The beauty of the Community is that it’s yours to shape. You can upvote topics, make comments and subscribe to receive future updates from both Zendesk and other Partners. You may even highlight your own capabilities and offerings, to help and inspire others, or you may use the platform as a way to request support from within the ecosystem.

While the Partner Community encourages interaction, our dedicated portal Partner Connect serves as your business’s hub, providing crucial resources such as in-depth product training, sales and marketing materials, and the ability to register deals and opportunities. Both platforms are designed to support your success as a Zendesk Partner, each serving a unique role.

Why join?

This platform gives you access to a network of like-minded individuals who share a passion for delivering exceptional customer experiences. The Community goes beyond being an information repository and collaboration platform, as it also makes those who use it better in their roles.

For instance, we recently added a fantastic pre-sales demo by Partner Bricom to the Community, which not only highlighted this Partner’s talent but also set a benchmark for others to aspire to. Sharing this demo via the Community helped serve as inspiration for others who are on the path to becoming a ‘Solution Consultant Expert’ – a programme requirement and credential earned by Partner Presales Solution Consultants. The shared post proved to be extremely popular with both new and existing Partners. Without the Community, generating this reach would not have been possible.

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What’s on the horizon?

Our goal for this Community is to become a trusted source for Partners to support each other, share their successes and challenges, and work together in a supportive and safe environment. We’re looking forward to exciting new programming in the coming months, including Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions with Zendesk experts in the Community. We aim to broaden its scope and allow our incredible Partners to leverage their unique perspectives to help us drive innovation together. So get out there, start contributing and start growing.

How to join

Send an email to with your request to join. The Partner Technical Community is open to all reseller Partners who have formally been onboarded into our Partner Programme.