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Enhancing the agent experience with Tymeshift’s newest features

Check out Tymeshift's newest features, ready to help larger service teams and lower costs.

By José Palhares, Director, Product Management

Last updated February 16, 2024

Artificial intelligence has the potential to not only improve the customer experience, but also drastically improve the admin and service operations experience. We believe AI can make service operations much faster and more efficient, allowing service teams to focus on delivering better CX instead of being bogged down by time-consuming admin work. As such, we acquired Tymeshift in June 2023 to give organisations using Zendesk an easier way to manage their teams.

Tymeshift is the ideal workforce management solution, as it automatically schedules agents to meet AI-forecasted needs based on historical and real-time data. It also provides a comprehensive overview of team performance and capacity, allowing managers to optimise staffing and manage costs. In turn, the workforce management solution can boost agent productivity and happiness, helping to reduce employee churn.

As of 1 February, we’re launching exciting new updates to Tymeshift—all aimed at helping organisations to manage their teams more effectively and to lower costs. Here’s what you can expect from our latest releases.

Faster schedule generation and editing

Leveraging ticket data and agent activities, Tymeshift automatically generates schedules, eliminating the need for manual and cumbersome tools (like spreadsheets) to manage agent scheduling. This decreases the amount of time spent on managerial tasks.

Our latest improvements have expanded the usability of this feature to larger businesses, which often have more complex workflows. With the bulk editing feature, managers can adjust, delete or generate schedules. Managers can also prioritise work streams to ensure the right work is addressed in cases of over or understaffing.

For more details on our improved schedule generation and editing and other EAPs, click here.

Back-office activity tracking with a Chrome extension

For teams using Zendesk, Tymeshift provides the most comprehensive and accurate agent activity and performance reporting compared to other workforce management solutions in the market. However, managers could not previously track their agents’ activities while working on tasks outside of Zendesk.

With the new Chrome extension, organisations will now be able to link URLs to general tasks, so their agents can be accurately tracked when working on tasks outside of Zendesk. This allows managers to be fully informed when evaluating their teams and enables them to identify areas for training and coaching. As a result, the new feature gives managers a better understanding of how agents spend their time and helps agents receive recognition for the work they perform outside the Zendesk platform.

Augment business intelligence (BI) data with WFM APIs

With our enhanced public APIs, organisations can now integrate workforce management analytics with CRM, HR and finance systems, resulting in improved operational efficiency, enhanced performance and higher team engagement.

For example, HR teams in larger organisations can benefit from these APIs by connecting agent activity and performance data with their central employee system. This, in turn, can help HR teams track the number of hours their employees work, allowing them to understand their labour costs better.

Greater forecasting flexibility

Businesses using Zendesk can now benefit from nine different algorithms (instead of one general algorithm), each tailored to specific business needs.

The best forecasting algorithm for each work stream is automatically selected by analysing customers’ historical data. It tests all algorithms to determine which one will perform best for a given work stream. However, customers can also overwrite the automatic algorithm selection and choose any algorithm Tymeshift offers. Each algorithm option has different logic for forecasting, and thus has different strengths for different types of support activity and work streams.

To learn more about Tymeshift’s latest algorithms, click here.

Greater language support

Tymeshift now supports over 30 languages, providing teams around the globe with more language options.

To learn more about the languages available, visit this article.

The latest updates on Tymeshift represent a significant advancement in workforce management for Zendesk. These improvements are designed to equip teams with the necessary tools to drive efficiency across their operations. As businesses continue to seek out ways to optimise agent productivity and satisfaction, Tymeshift’s new features offer a robust solution tailored to the complex needs of larger, more dynamic service teams—ensuring Zendesk users remain at the forefront of customer service innovation.