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Humans x chatbots: How this winning combination best serves banks

The customer journey in banking has drastically changed in recent years. The days of visiting a…

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A CX challenge: 3 ways utility companies can invest in their customer service

For the past year, the rise of utility bills has crept into most of our daily…

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3 ways AI integrations are shaping the future of retail

Companies that provide a more compelling retail experience enjoy up to 7 per cent higher sales…


Infographic: Chatbots and AI in the UK

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Why CX teams need automated privacy tools

Learn how privacy workflow automation promotes stronger data security and increased efficiency for your CX team.

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How to use Facebook chatbots to improve customer service

Facebook chatbots are your secret weapon on Messenger.

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Agile practices (2): Agility starts with self-service

Agile companies are pouring resources into online help centres, and with good reason. Content reflects the…

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