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Boost agent productivity and customer happiness with a complete view of the customer

By Bandar El-Elita, Director, Product Marketing

Last updated July 16, 2022

In these challenging times, we know that customer-experience teams are being asked to do more than ever. The challenges of today are highly unusual: huge demand peaks, delivery and order chain disruptions, and operations updates that happen daily. For your service team, this often means wrestling with large amounts of data from multiple systems that don’t talk to each other.

Unhappy agents mean unhappy customers

To support their customers, support agents are often logging in and out of different systems, cutting and pasting account numbers into different software tools, and shuffling between departments and disparate data sources to solve customer problems. When systems don’t talk to one another, it becomes difficult for agents to hunt down all the information they need to help customers. This lowers an agent’s ability to resolve the ticket on their first try, greatly increasing the cost of service, frustrating agents and wasting valuable resources.

Customers have high expectations for the speed and quality of their support, and a poorly managed omni-channel environment isn’t just frustrating for agents, it’s ultimately frustrating for customers as well. Customers are inconvenienced as they are shuffled between departments, have to repeatedly provide account information and constantly have to provide context to agents who don’t have a holistic view of their problems. The result, not surprisingly, is unhappy customers.

Getting a 360° views of customers with Sunshine

One of the most powerful ways in which companies can overcome these challenges and deliver exceptional omni-channel service is with Sunshine, our open and flexible CRM platform built on AWS. Sunshine helps break down the silos between sales, marketing, customer service, operations and management, and makes it easy to provide fast, personalised, holistic service.

With Sunshine, you can connect all of your disparate data sources and make them easy to use as part of the native agent flow. Sunshine can also capture every interaction that a company has with its customers, whether it’s a visit to a website, engagement with an email marketing campaign, a comment on social media or a call to customer service. This allows companies to have a 360° view of its customers. For example, when a customer opens a support ticket about an order, the company can see the specific item in question, when the order was placed, what other items were in the order and when it was delivered. This gives the company a 360° view of the customer journey in one dashboard.

Take a look at how Sunshine can make your agents more productive and your customers happier.

Getting started with CRM

As you can see, by integrating information under a single pane of glass, agents can see who your customers are and how they’re interacting with your brand. Having this knowledge at their fingertips empowers them to act on these insights and solve problems more efficiently.

It’s now easier than ever to start building on Sunshine and turn an idea into reality. Sunshine Lite is free to anyone on a Support Enterprise plan, with more plans available for those who require something more advanced.

We’ve put together this guide, which shows you step by step how to get started on Sunshine and take control of your CX pain points.

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