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Remote workforce management

Revealed: The simple secret to boosting SME productivity

Many of us start the new year with good intentions, but halfway through January, you may…

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5 min read

How to avoid toxic, digital workplace habits and keep remote workers happy and healthy

Rex Fan, Lead Behavioural Insights Advisor at Bupa UK, shares with us the toxic digital habits that we should look out for–and strive to avoid–in the workplace to promote a healthy work-life balance and mental wellbeing.

6 min read

Top ways to drive collaboration between support and development teams

Collaboration between CSAs and developers can be difficult at best – and a blocker at worst – which can have disastrous impacts on customer support success metrics. But there's a better way.

9 min read

How to onboard a remote customer support team successfully

Effective onboarding is essential to modern business success, but it's not always easy – especially if you're trying to onboard a remote customer support team.

5 min read

Transitioning to a remote workforce

We've assembled some of our own best practices for working virtually. The goal: to ensure your…

5 min read

Zoom + Zendesk: the benefits of video for remote support

We spoke with Zoom’s head of support and our own experts about the benefits of using Zoom’s video app in Zendesk, along with additional agents benefits when using video for remote support

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