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State of Manufacturing CX 2023

Download the State of Manufacturing CX 2023 report for actionable CX insights built for manufacturers in today’s ultra-competitive environment.

Manufacturing companies can anticipate the future and show up strongly against competitors by delivering great customer service. Providing great products is not enough in today’s world – our research indicates that investing in CX is the essential tool for building a strong company and loyal customer base. Our State of Manufacturing report offers examples of how companies are evolving their customer relationships.

By investing in CX, manufacturing companies have been able to:

  • Improve first response time by 30%

  • Deflect 50% of tickets with bots

  • Reduce average first reply time to 30 minutes

In this report

In this free report, you will learn:

  • How to unlock the power of intelligent CX

  • How to connect your CX to the value chain with AI

  • How to boost profitability with deeper customer relationships

Time to get to work. Download this report for three customer stories and insight on how manufacturers can elevate their CX through AI and increased personalisation.

State of Manufacturing CX 2023