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What is a customer service script and how to prepare one in 5 simple steps

By Douglas da Silva

Last updated June 22, 2021

Most customers prefer to interact with a human during more complex relationships with companies. This mostly arises in situations such as filing a complaint or seeking help.

However, this does not mean that automated channels, such as chatbots, are irrelevant. It is important to adopt an omnichannel strategy.

But the truth is that it’s not difficult to find examples of approaching customers in the market without any preparation.

In this regard, preparing a script to approach customers can make all the difference, whether in prospecting for new business, in after sales or for technical support.

To provide good service, professionals in this area of the company need to know what steps they should follow and how to react to certain situations or responses from customers.

With the script in hand, it is possible to optimise service and reduce errors significantly.

Bearing this in mind, we prepared this content to explain what a customer service script is and how to create one in 5 simple steps:

  1. Know your audience

  2. Structure the service stages

  3. Define the “key phrases”

  4. Test out the script

  5. Adjust your script and make continuous improvements

Continue reading and also take a look at a few examples of service scripts for inspiration.

What is a customer service script?

A customer service script can be defined as a script containing the steps the agent must follow when contacting the company’s customers.

The script serves as a guide. It contains recommendations on what the agent should say, when to say it and how to say it to the customer during an interaction.

Whether the script is for after sales, prospecting or technical support, this document serves as a support base for professional agents. It helps to ensure a more fluid service and to reduce errors caused by information conveyed incorrectly.

Additionally, the script standardises the service process and unifies what agents say.

Step by step: How to prepare a customer service script?

Now that you know what a customer service script is, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create one for your customer service team.

Step 1. Know your audience

First of all, the service script depends on the customer profile to which the company directs its products or services.

In other words, the language adopted by agents and how they approach customers may vary according to the type of customer your company normally deals with.

For example, an after-sales script for a younger audience is different from a script aimed at customers in a higher age group.

Therefore, the first step in preparing your customer service script is knowing your target audience thoroughly.

Step 2. Structure the service stages

In this second step, after you understand your customers’ profile, you should set up the structure of the service stages. This is where the script begins to take shape.

Put on paper all of the phases that the agent should go through when providing service, from the initial greeting to the closing.

Of course, the steps will depend on the nature of the service. The steps of an after-sales script will be different from those used in a prospect sales script.

Step 3. Define the “key phrases”

The third step in creating a service script is to define a few key phrases. These phrases are intended to guide agents on what to say to customers at certain times when providing a service.

Key phrases also help to prevent agents from forgetting to provide the customer with some important information and, in addition, they help to standardise the greeting and the closing of the service.

Step 4. Test your script

After structuring the service stages and defining the key phrases, it is time to test your script.

When putting it into practice, observe how agents and customers react to the presented script.

Step 5. Adjust your script and make continuous improvements

Based on what you observed in the previous step, make the necessary adjustments. Correct any shortcomings in your script and highlight the strong points; considering that they are on the front line, encourage agents to participate in this stage.

Periodically conduct this review in order to continuously improve your script.

Examples of a customer service script

Take a look at two examples of a customer service script below:

Example 1 – Technical support


Good afternoon, my name is <agent’s name>. How can I help you?

  • Confirming the customer’s information

Could you please confirm your information? <specify what information you want to confirm>

  • Repeat the customer’s request and confirm the problem that they want to resolve

  • First attempt at a solution

If everything goes well, thank the contact and conclude the interaction.

  • Second attempt at a solution

If it is not possible to resolve the issue at this first level, transfer to a more specialised agent.

Example 2 – After sales

Greeting and presentation

Good afternoon! My name is <the agent’s name> and I would like to speak with <the customer’s name>.

  • Explanation of the reason for the contact

I’m contacting you because you recently purchased one of our solutions.

  • Request for feedback

We would like to know what you think and if you have any suggestions.

  • Thanks and closing.

Now that you understand what a customer service script is, how about creating one for your company?

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