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Conversational service

How to create seamless conversational customer experiences

Deliver better experiences—and boost customer loyalty and revenue in the process—by using bots in tandem with live agents.

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5 min read

The new frontier in finserv: immersive CX with conversational AI

Getting customer service right is vital for customer retention across all sectors, but the stakes are especially high for financial service providers, given the high lifetime value of customers, and the increasing shift from brick-and-mortar to online banking. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is playing a critical role in customer journeys, giving customers new ways to bank.

6 min read

WhatsApp chatbot: use this tool to optimise your customer service

Get to grips with everything about the WhatsApp chatbot: how it works, 4 advantages and 3 essential steps to activate and streamline your customer service

6 min read

CRM in service is learning how to make conversations count

CRM in service is changing how we think, how we communicate with customers, and how we measure our success.

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