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Sales metrics and data

Supercharge your sales activities. Seamlessly track your conversations, opportunities, and pipeline with ease.

Total revenue formula (+ 4 metrics every sales rep should know)

Use five key formulas to help you evaluate your company’s finances.

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What is a sales analysis?

Sales analysis is the process of identifying and processing sales and revenue-related data. Processing this data…

10 min read

10 sales performance metrics you should track every week, month and quarter

With today’s modern technology, you can track pretty much anything about your sales performance. But just gathering data isn’t enough.

8 min read

The new sales manager’s guide to sales reporting

Sales reporting is essential for every data-driven company. Learn why it's important and the five most important sales reports for new sales managers.

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8 ways to effectively manage your customer data

With just a little forethought, your sales team and company can be smart data owners. Here's…

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How to forecast sales: sales forecasting methods and models

Sales forecasting is a key component of any business. Implement correct sales forecasting techniques to improve your business decisions.

10 min read

Cost of sales: Definition, formula, and ways to lower it

Get a better understanding of your finances by tracking your company’s cost of sales.

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