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New year, new integrations

New year, new Zendesk app integrations. Learn all about how these new integrations can ease workloads for your sales and support teams.

By Eric Shen, Marketplace Operations Manager

Last updated February 15, 2022

Here are the newest integrations from Zendesk to help your team provide top-quality experiences.


Import2 (Sell) is a 1-click data migration software that helps you to move all historical data from your legacy software into Zendesk Sell. All your contacts, companies, opportunities, tasks, notes, calls, meetings, emails and attachments from your existing CRM will be transferred automatically. Import2 replaces CSV import tools as a faster and simpler solution for your data migration needs.

Macro Search

Macro Search (Support) makes it easy to search through macro content in your customer's language. Find macros quickly searching by titles and comments. Sort through dynamic content using keywords. Quickly preview a macro in one click.


Savio (Support) helps you centralise and organise product feedback from all of your different feedback sources so you can confidently prioritise what to build next. With the app, you can submit customer feedback to Savio without leaving Zendesk. You can link feedback to the original Zendesk ticket and request user, group related feedback in Savio into feature requests to discover patterns.

Zisson Interact

Zission Interact (Support) is CTI, IVR, ACD, Telephony, Softphone, Chat, all wrapped up into one Contact Center tool. Zisson, integrated with Zendesk Support, helps your agents deliver a more efficient and optimised experience for your customers by providing you with a built-in softphone, Click-to-Call/Dial-to-call features, agent status controls, intelligent routing, and everything else you need to run a contact center.

Additional apps added in January:

  • WhatsApp by Treble (Support) syncs WhatsApp and Zendesk Support easily and securely, without coding. When someone writes to you via WhatsApp, responses are pushed back into Zendesk as tickets. Assign them to agents and see all data related to it right in the app.
  • Reach (Support) allows you to select one of your published WhatsApp templates and send notifications in bulk using a CSV file. Pick from your list of approved WhatsApp templates, upload a CSV, and send your message via WhatsApp to your contacts.
  • Threat Sight (Support) integrates open source threat intelligence into your Zendesk tickets view. It pulls down threat indicators from a number of open source threat intelligence sources and matches based on email address and IP address. If a threat is found, it tells you which threat list is triggered and why the threat was detected.
  • Restrict CC (Support) protects your customers' confidential data from breaches via incorrect CC. The app restricts who can add CC or followers. Allow adding CC only to those who really need it. Set the level of control suitable for your workflow. The app restricts adding a disallowed person.
  • SIGNL4 (Support) re-invents critical alerting, incident response, and service dispatching for operating critical infrastructure. Integrate Zendesk Support with SGNL4 to provide your SIGNL4 team with alerts whenever a new ticket is created in Zendesk.
  • Smartflo (Support) empowers today's businesses to communicate and connect with customers. With the combined power of Smartflo and Zendesk, get enhanced agent productivity and improved ticketing from a single screen. Get instant pop-up alerts for incoming calls. Enjoy auto-ticket generation for new leads; update it in real-time every call.
  • Custom Fields by Ontec (Chat) helps boost your agents' productivity by allowing them to change ticket status, group, or set custom fields for chat tickets without leaving the chat.
  • RingCentral by OAppS (Sell) enables SMS communication between support agents and end-users. Using the RingCentralSMS Integration, connect RingCentral Phone number with Zendesk Sell to send messages to all your Contacts using the designated phone numbers.
  • Cx Moments Auto QA (Chat) functions as automated Quality Assurance on 100% of your customer conversations. Scale your Contact Center QA by automatically scoring your Zendesk tickets and chats. Discover and assess agents' performance around regulatory compliance, delivery of branded greetings, behaviour, and empathy.
  • Gamifier (Support) helps to promote a more productive environment by integrating with Zendesk. Use several game elements to punctuate and reward actions completed in the app. Use a leaderboard and timeline to create healthy competition, motivating team members to efficiently improve their work.
  • Strongpoint for Salesforce (Support) helps customers to push Zendesk tickets into Salesforce as a Strongpoint Change Request—enabling easy management of changes, seamless tracking of compliant changes, and automated reconciliation of change logs during audit.
  • ChatBot (Support) offers a user-friendly customer automation platform that lets you build and launch conversational chatbots without coding. The tool helps answer common customer questions without the need for a human agent. It lets you personalise your support services at scale without adding to the employee headcount.

New themes added in January:

Istanbul features up to six custom blocks displayed in one row on the homepage with expandable/collapsible promoted articles section, category blocks displaying sections, and articles on the homepage. Morado offers a simple, customisable, and intuitive user experience design for your Zendesk® Guide Help Center. Stone provides a fully responsive and customisable Zendesk® Guide Help Center Theme. Miami offers flexibility to use image or video background for the hero unit. It features category navigation on the header to allow intuitive access to sections and articles from every page in the Help Center. Kansas provides the option to use image or video background for the hero unit. It features category navigation on the header to allow easy access to sections and articles from every page in the Help Center. Houston offers video background for the hero unit. It features category navigation on the header to allow access to sections and articles from every page in the Help Center. Melanie serves as a Prime Zendesk Guide Theme choice for your Zendesk Help Center, displaying bold styling and clean formatting.

To view the full list of incoming apps, follow our weekly release notes.

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