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Sales Trends

With more time spent talking to customers and less time dealing with data entry, the future's looking bright. See what industry leaders are keeping an eye out for when it comes to the future of sales.

What exactly is direct selling? | A direct sales explainer

Don’t be so quick to dismiss D2C sales. With more customers shifting online, you need to take advantage of the growing direct selling market.

Latest stories

5 min read

Why building a connected sales organisation that can navigate uncertainity is the need of the hour

Discover the most pressing issues for sales organisations today, what the dawn of conversational CRM means for their tech stack, and how firms are planning to navigate the year ahead.

3 min read

Why you need to connect sales and customer service right now

Creating memorable customer experiences is the buzzword on everyone’s mind. But what does that actually mean in practice? And why does it matter?

8 min read

A quick guide to enterprise sales (+ 4 tips to supercharge your strategy)

Get ready to take your enterprise sales to the next level.

6 min read

6 new sales trends for improving your results

Omnichannel presence, customisation and even voice-activated purchasing - find out about the key trends so that you can sell more in 2020 and the near future

Guides and ebooks
1 min read

The ultimate guide to sales email automation

With this ebook, you’ll learn how to use an email automation tool to build a sales outreach process that saves time, keeps your messaging consistent, and connects you with leads the moment they’re ready to buy

4 min read

How to boost your sales success rate with live chat

Chat provides a direct line between a rep and their prospective customers. Sales teams can use chat to generate leads, improve sales conversion rates and identify upselling opportunities.

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