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The ultimate guide to sales email automation

Recent data from a Dimensional Research study showed that 46% of consumers prefer to communicate digitally, and 78% expect prompt follow-up from sales reps. To beat the competition, your reps need to communicate the way your leads expect, when they expect it. How? With consistent sales outreach and timely follow-up emails. The truth is, this is nearly impossible to do without automation.

Manually crafting personalised emails for every lead in your pipeline is both time consuming and tedious. Your sales email automation tool can help you scale this process without sacrificing quality or personalisation. All it takes is a solid understanding of sales email automation best practices and a strategy for implementing those best practices. With this ebook, you’ll learn how to use an email automation tool to build a sales outreach process that saves time, keeps your messaging consistent, and connects you with leads the moment they’re ready to buy.

We’ll cover how to:

  1. Find and connect with high-value contacts

  2. Set up cadences for automation follow-up emails

  3. Craft engaging and personalised messaging at scale

The ultimate guide to sales email automation